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A complicated tale of lots of Owens..

A complicated tale of lots of Owens.. 
Used on Christian Mingle
Fake banking website given and you are asked for cash and banking details.
June 2020

+44 7939 507614

I am going to let the person who told me about this do it in her own words :

One week ago I met someone on BUMBLE by the name of Jack Owen who said he was a Retired Military analyst working for Contingency International.

He said he was a dual citizen USA and UK.

He stated currently he was in Jordan Air Force base on a contract. Stated he use to be an officer in the marines.Also stated he had kids that lived in Hawaii but he has been in the UK to settle for last 4 years and he wanted to retire in UK. All very believable and he seems very intellectual.

But last two days he stated he had problems with VIber which and then said he would have texted but didn't have credit and asked me to send him a phone voucher.This raised my suspicions and I googled his pictures that he had on the Bumble and VIber accounts.

Then I found the pictures being used on accounts for Col Scott owen, Justin owen, Bobby Owen, Bob Owen, Owen Bob, and 2 accounts for Jack Owen.

Then today on my Facebook request I found the mobile number being linked to jack Owen and a new Jack Paul Owen.

The picture is different for Jack Paul Owen and I suspect it's the real person because I stated I wanted to see him on live webcam and then that account appeared. I have not sent him any vouchers and will not be continuing chatting but I think people should know that obviously it's a scam of some sort!

The profiles Jack Owen and Jack Paul Owen are linked by the same UK mobile number and obviously two different photos

Jack Paul Owen....…
Jack Owen .........
Col Scott Owen ...…
Bobby G Owen......
Owen Bob ...

Many many uses of these pictures on and around the internet over a long period for Romance Scamming.














comment from 19/04
This same dude found me on Instagram a couple weeks ago.....talking about he lost his wife to breast cancer a couple years ago. Now he is going by the game Gilbert Owen.

Now he is Paul Matteo Owen,general US,on duty in Syria. His wife died in car accident and his daugther is 16 years old.He found me in dating site.His letters were quite suspicious.Fortunately I came here and found out everything.Be careful...



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  3. This same dude found me on Instagram a couple weeks ago.....talking about he lost his wife to breast cancer a couple years ago. Now he is going by the game Gilbert Owen.

    1. It's always cancer or car crash !! Thanks for the new name.

  4. I was found by this man on words with friends, said his name was Owen Williams. Wife and 2 children died in a car crash. Glad i came on here to find out he goes by loads of different names. Caught in the act. Well done guys you may just have saved me x

    1. Look at the URL of his profile.. the web address. Patrick Ebruvwiuour Sharon..and old profile converted for scamming.
      I'm so glad you searched and found.
      Remember... no military is allowed to contact women they don't know and tell them where they are deployed.. and definitely NOT have it on their FB profile.

  5. He is going by the name of Owen Will now, serving in Kabul, lost wife 2 kids in car crash, he found me on words with friends. Beware ladies

  6. Now he is Paul Matteo Owen,general US,on duty in Syria. His wife died in car accident and his daugther is 16 years old.He found me in dating site.His letters were quite suspicious.Fortunately I came here and found out everything.Be careful...

    1. Thank you and I am so glad you find it here.... and he gets nothing and you are ok !!

  7. Im chatting to him right now LOL. He messaged me an a dating site, I knew almost straight away it was a scam and as soon as he told me his name and rank I Googled it and up popped this forum. Not had the sob story yet, just that hes based down south at RAF Alconby but wants to meet a woman from my area so he can move back to his roots!!!

    1. WOW.. I didn't realise RAF Alconby had moved to Africa !! Must be Government Cuts ! The sob story won't be long !

  8. Looks like it guy is a "Camaleon".... is talking to me since some days... and the first time that he talked to me .. already was falled in love with me!
    His story is that his name is Peter O Williams....Peter Owen Williams. Second Liutenant of US Army..46 years old, widow since 6 years... servinng in syria as intelligenge!! With one daughter of 21 years old.
    The most strange is that he put the webcam on msn and was the same guy.... at the same time gave me his WhatsApp number .. and I added him,and say hi... then he made a videocall an was a black guy, so I cut the videocall!!! I told that to him in msn an then started to talk me on WhatsApp saying that somebody else took his phone!!! The most joking is he is in syria using a phone with the USA code area!!!!
    Yesterday I received a message from him saying that want a new wife.. tyat was falled in love... etc LOL
    All the time it was so strange to me, I thought was an scam, so I decided search his pics and yes is a BIG SCAM!
    Now I trying to upload here the screen shot of his number but I dont know how to do it.
    In summary it guy is working associated with a black guy!

    1. Those phone numbers ate Google Voice numbers... easy to get a US number to use with a mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Can you just write the number here for me. and I will add it to the scammer used phone numbers page please??
      The webcam thing.. they play a video on a laptop and point the phone at it to make it look as if it's a video call !! Tricks but never real.

  9. Who is really kamed it guy??? Somedybknows?

  10. Of course... now I copy the number..
    +16315383099 from this number is using WhatsApp the guy.
    I was looking on Facebook... And I found at least 30 different profiles with the same pics different names for "Mr. Owen" or "Mr. Williams" and he use abother names too!¡

    About the Videocall.. it really looks like if the real guy of the pic was talking to me and Even he said my name!

    Please let me know who is the real face behind these stolen pics please.

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  12. I found the real Mr. Bob Owen in LInkedln...I don't know how to share his profile pic here, but he real works in a Car Company. Here is showed all his information. And he is a reserve of US Army.. and his last service was until 2014 in Afganistan.
    Hope it information can help to solve a lot of questions to a lot of women

    1. It doesn't matter and I would never ever leave the link to the real man here.
      Because women don't even stop and think after a scam and send messages to the real man? WHY?? why should he EVER have to deal with women who he has never contacted and never spoken to and never given him permission for him to be used.

      Anyone using him is fake.. please don't make it worse for him than it already is.

  13. Noo.. is no problem.. of course I will not give the link of him... for the same I didn't give more personal information of him here, like the name of company or other things...
    But I'm asking for the real face behind the scam profiles??!!! Who is this guy Scamming to the women... maybe an african.. I don't know..

    1. who knows the real face ?? They are cowards. Sometimes we can catch the out when they are stupid to leave a name or a face there but yes.. it will be someone from West Africa. A greedy heartless thief.

  14. OK, glad I got looking around, he's going to disappear off my POF radar pretty soon, too, then.

    Pathetic person, whoever he is. They all are.
    Thanks for sharing and helping defeat them one scum at a time.

    1. Thanks for looking and not letting this scammer get anywhere !
      Shows we are better than they are every time

  15. Tad kas viņš patiesībā ir?


    Latest email he is using - going under the name of Gordon Owen Richard 53 years from Numo New York , serving in South Sudan - has a 15 year old daughter studying in Hawaii , Honalulu normal fake talk about no parents , wife ran of with another man looking for a new woman who will support his daughter - met on dating site using one picture but all the same as others on this site - google search his photo and came up with all the scam information

  17. yes it is all a scam ! Sorry but you do need to get out of it ! They do, luckily for us, all have similar stories so women can see who and what they are ! Thanks so much for the information, we record it all in the hope others search !

  18. He is going by Jack Owen his email is his Phone number is 1-617-586-4880 I met him on Christian Mingle he said he is Col. Jack Owen we have been talking for about 2/12 mo. he wanted to put me on his next of kin but I had to send all info to Midlands Trust Bank if you try to look it up you can not find it. This is of 8:30 to night said he will call me tomorrow night June 24/ 2020.

    1. Please do not continue with this... the biggest truth on all the internet is
      ANYONE that claims to be Military or Doctor is never real.
      They are not allowed to do it and they do not do it.
      Every time someone says they are military, it is a scammer from
      West Africa with love words.
      They WILL ask for cards and/ or cash
      Bob Owen has had his life made a misery by this African scum using him. NEVER send money, I suspect they will send you a fake website with logins to make you think it's real, it will steal your money and bank details and run up debts in your name.
      There is no love in a romance scam... just the pure hate of the thief calling you baby and honey to steal your cash.