Wednesday, 12 June 2019

😠Online 'Grooming'😠 ❗'But he has never asked me for anything ! '❗

😠Online 'Grooming'😠

'But he has never asked me for anything ! '

🤔One of the most common things we hear. Scammers will 'groom' you. Take as long as it takes.

😘ONLY when they are sure of you will they ask for money. When they are sure you are so in love, you will send.

😈Scammers work in teams and so they scam many women at once. They can afford to wait rather than blow the scam from asking too soon. The time can be days, weeks, months... years. THE ASK FOR MONEY WILL COME FROM THAT MAN YOU ARE TALKING TO ONLINE BUT YOU HAVE NEVER MET.

Cards.. and opening accounts are all part of scammer's grooming.. SEND NOTHING. OPEN NOTHING. ACCEPT NOTHING.

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