Monday 23 October 2023



Hello, how are you? It's always a little strange writing to someone you don't know, but I was looking at your profile and something caught my attention. Forgive me for bothering you on your profile, your little secret garden, but I couldn't help but leave a message to mark my visit. As they say, the most beautiful things are those that are considered trivial, besides, I want to take advantage of these few sentences, since I am here to try to get to know you, leave me a friend request

I never wanted to do this but I was amazed and it puts a smile on my face viewing your profile, it will be kind if you feel comfortable enough to kindly send me a friend request as I don't know if you are going to be comfortable with me sending you one, I'm sorry for interfering on your profile ..I really don't want to be rude to send you a request without your permission hopping to receive a friendly request from you,I will be really greatful. God bless you 🙏

I sincerely hope you don't take this the wrong way because many people hesitate to shake hands with total strangers. If I just violated your privacy, please pardon me. So please understand that I'm merely attempting to be your friend. I attempted to add you as a friend, but it was rejected. Please add me as a friend on Facebook so we can interact more easily🥰🥰🥰

 May your heart be happy and your days be bright, may your roads be smooth and your burdens light, may you find dreams and touch a star and never forget how special you are. You look so beautiful and you got a nice smile on your profile

I hope this message finds you well, I recently came across your profile online and couldn't help but feel intrigued by your genuine qualities and captivating personality,allow me to introduce myself,my name is ronald fabec am a U.S army and still on service,as a fellow online explorer,i understand that it can be quite a journey to find someone who connects on a deeper level, It's a delight to have the opportunity to get to know you with the potential of building a meaningful relationship,i believe that an authentic connection with someone can enrich our lives in countless ways. I value openness, respect, and honesty as cornerstones of any successful relationship. From what I gather, you exude qualities that align with these values, which is why I'm reaching out to you today, though we may be meeting from behind screens, I'm truly interested in getting to know the real you beyond the digital realm, I'm eager to engage in conversations about our shared interests, learn about your passions, and explore the possibilities of a genuine connection, If you feel intrigued by the possibility of embarking on this journey together, I would be delighted to hear back from you. Let's take a chance and discover if our paths have crossed for a reason,wishing you a wonderful day ahead and looking forward to the opportunity to get to know you better,warm regards to you.

“Hello  Honestly🌹🌹🌹🌹I always enjoy what you share here on Facebook But we're not friends yet,😘😘😍😍🌷 I have tried several times to send you a friend request but it's not going through. I'll be so glad If you can just click into my profile and send me a friend request so we can talk more on messenger But If you find this message embarrassing please pardon my manners, thanks...🌺🥀🌹

THE VERY SILLY WORDS SCAMMERS WILL ADD TO ANYWHERE YOU COMMENT : Would you truly want anyone who said things as RIDICULOUS as these?

May the Lord
bless you and
your family can
I ask you a question 🌹🥰🙏🤔🙏🤔
Amen it probably all been God right from birth we are able to live to this day,pray🙏 you live longer than you expected
Wow! You look so fantastic and gorgeous with a smiling face, are you single??
Sorry for indulging
into your privacy but
have we met before…..
you look kinda familiar?
Amen!! You’re blessed and
always have it in your mind
that God is the Greatest. Where are
you from if I may ask?
How are you, hope my adding you up doesn't seem so embarrassing
Always keep that beautiful smile on your face😊😊 you look very Charming and decent on it been friends with you here will be nice, what do you say about that.?
May God guide and protect you and your family from any danger ahead of y'all Amen 🙏 hope you're having a wonderful week?


 Wow !!!😮 permit me to describe you as the perfect definition of The creator’s master piece depicting the beauty of his Glory in the heavens...You are sure an earthly angel 👼 because I’m certain you’re heaven sent m. What an epitome of celestial beauty exhibiting the poise of love and irresistibility...  I was just scrolling through random pages of suggestions in my Bio when I bumped on your profile my lady and on an instant I felt the attraction positively. You know they say we attract what we are...
I am Dazzled and amazed to behold such an image of love that I would be pleased to be a par taker of the love image experience. You would sure be fun to be with darling...
With all due respect as a gentleman I’m sure I am, I would love to get acquainted and would sure love to make your heart the place of my abode till infinity.


Hello dear, I'm really more Impress about your profile and personalities, I really admire your sense of humor, I'm really sorry for coming into your inbox, Just that I have been trying to send you friend request but it wasn't going through

After the death of my late wife, I remained single for over a year and the only time I made the decision to date, the lady that I met turned out not wanting to be in a serious relationship and myself over here does not want a short term relationship, so we both went our separate ways, because I felt that I'm not getting anymore younger as the year goes by. I want to establish a relationship that will be based on long term which I'm hopeful will turn out to be marriage someday.


Hello pretty 
how are you 
doing today
I want to 
be a wonderful
 good friend with
 you I love to 
play with you 
spend time 
with you
Actually I was searching for some old  friends of mine that bears a similar name with you, so i found you coincidentally was attracted by your profile.
We are here to make friends across the world  and I'm pretty sure I will be happy having you as a friend
So sorry to infringe on your privacy,Its said that a picture is worth a thousand words,but when I saw yours,it was more than words could explain.
True love doesn’t die and even if they die they would be remembered till we meet to part no more and that’s my believe
Well I will be glad to be friends with you since we have the same thoughts about our loved ones who have died already
Hey! How do you feel? I found your profile here and was interested in contacting you, your posts are always worth reading and cute, but we are 
not friends on Facebook yet. 
I'm trying


I’m okay with mourning and thinking about my late wife forever

True love doesn’t die and even if they die they would be remembered till we meet to part no more and that’s my believe
Oh I’m sorry if I said anything wrong I was only trying to appreciate God work on the beautiful woman in the picture but I guess you don’t like that I hope you forgive me
I feel special calling someone like you my friend 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺sorry for infringing on your comment , but I must say you have a wonderful profile
I’m so sorry I was going 
through a page when I came across your profile 
and it was nice, 
so I decided to ask for your friendship just to get to know you more better, I hope you don’t mind?
I was checking the 
and I unearthed 
your profile. And though 
you I seemed worth
 talking to, 
so I added you. 
Hope you don't mind.?


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