Wednesday 4 October 2023




He contact me over a year ago on TicToc.

He said his name was Juan Avalos.

I talked a bit to him but started learning about the scammers so I blew him off.

He kept finding me and reaching out to me over the past year. He said he was in the Navy and over in Bahrain. Not in Syria but outside Syria.

Then maybe three or four months ago at the most he reached out to me again and said he was now home in Austin, Texas. He had a son who was 13.

We talked everyday, several times a day, either texting or on the phone. He had a bit of a Puerto Rican accent but not really strong. I started googling him and saw videos of him and his wife. Recent videos.

He said his wife had met someone when he was deployed and abandoned him and his son and left with another man. So she was no longer in the picture. He said she and others were reposting the videos.

This guy was so convincing.

He knew the hell I had just gotten out of during a 37 year marriage.

And that I had been scammed big time last year by a Nigerian scammer. He was supposedly helping me with the scammer.

His son, which now I know was him, would even email me and tell me how excited he was to meet me.

I mean I still sit and cannot believe this guy was not real. He had everything planned down to the date as to when he wanted to come to my State and he eventually wanted me to move to Austin and become a family with him and his son.

I kept telling him not to hurt me, that if this is a joke he had better stop now.

He had nothing to gain from doing this to me but totally emotionally wrecking me. I had no money because of the previous scammer.

He made all these plans no matter how much I protested as to how he was going to help me get out of debt.

He told me last Friday to text him when I had gotten home from work. I did text him and nothing went through.

He completely ghosted me after all that time.

A year and the 4 months of making me fall for him and his disgusting lies.

All the text messages, emails and no phone number went through anymore. This man knew everything about the military.

He said he was a Navy Seal. He was high ranking. I swear it was the real guy.

I was able to shoot him a message on TicToc before he deleted his account on there.

I am done with online anything. This guy was so good. I had my guard up due to my ex husband and the ultimate scammer from Nigeria. And this guy was able to get through all my walls.

Please anyone and everyone please please be careful.

Do not trust anyone out there. I may be windy with my story but I just feel it needed to be told.

I just pray they stop whomever it is.

There are so many out there.

He did make a comment to me about there being some military soldiers that were moonlighting and scamming on the side.

What validity that had who knows and probably was a lie. That is my story. Sad story but my story. All I learned was never and I mean never to trust anyone ever again.
SHU Answer

I will start at the end..
'He did make a comment to me about there being some military soldiers that were moonlighting and scamming on the side.

What validity that had who knows' IF THEY WERE THEY WOULD BE CAUGHT AND ARRESTED IN NO TIME AT ALL AND WELL.. TOO easy to blame them isn't it.

The victim here KNEW ABOUT SCAMMERS.. and yet allowed this scammer to come back and pick her up again !


Navy Seal... high ranking... WITH NO CHECKS OR PROOF.

Very sad ANY scammers are talked with and allowed to get this far.

DON'T FORGET... THIS VICTIM WAS DROPPED BY HER SCAMMER AND YET... Juan Avalos will still be used a thousand times a day.

SAD SAD SAD.... BAD BAD BAD.... this has to end.

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