Thursday 26 October 2023

Her name is JACLYN EDWARDS ,......


( in the words of the victim)

She has got an e-mail address as

She told me to serve by the Us Army in Somalia as E6 (StaffSergeant) and she wanted to release from the Us Army.

She lied me not to release the Army and I write her principal leave her an "emergency vacation". And further she wanted to tell her principal to be her fiancé.

Of course I didn't write an e-mail to her principal... Her principal e-mail address is;

And she told me she has got many money/dollars and she want to establish a 'farmer business'. She lied can't use her money until she serve by the Us Army.

Told me to be an orphan. Her parents were died in an accident when she was eleven. She is 30 years old. Her birthday is 27th July.

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