Wednesday 1 March 2023

Martin Armstrong using David Dosier profile pictures and life. Needing money in Syria!


I'm just wondering if it's the same people because the last scam was in 2020.
I was contacted by a man named Martin Armstrong using David's profile pictures and life . Said his wife was dead and he had a young son 13 in a military school. Which I have altered learned his wife and David are separated and his son is in his 20-30.
He said he was stationed in Syria and he would be retiring soon. Waiting for paper work and money from government.
Only asked me a couple of times for money . But since I have became a care giver for my Mom full time, I have no money coming in .
He seemed okay about this and never pushed me for money again. Said he wasn't after money . The only time he asked again about money was when he said he had finally got accepted for his retirement and the money came through.
The only problem was that he couldn't get access to his bank because it was a saving account and he had to be there in person. He also had a bit coin account with thousands of dollars in it but couldn't access it.
I was contacted by another Instagram user who Martin was also talking to using the same lines ect.
I started doing some readership and found out about the real man behind the pictures, David Dosier.
I confronted Martin and asked him questions and showed him the info I had gathered. He said that David was his real /birth name but he had to use a fake name because he was being used as a romance scammer. So I told him if you love me like you say you do then just tell me the truth. Show me a real picture and your real info.
When I said this he ended the conversation for a couple of days and then came back and said he didn't want to lose me what did I want from him? I told him the truth. He said okay I'm going to bed right now but will talk to you in the morning.
The next morning I found he had blocked me and maybe deleted the Instagram account he was using and blocked me on Google chat.
Of he wasn't after money and never got anything from me? Then why did he keep talking to me for three months with nothing gained?
It is all about money ONLY .. but it does not have to be immediate money .. It asked you for money, you said NO but FAILED TOM BLOCK AT THAT POINT. Test were prepared to accept anything they said.
There is more than money... identity theft... name, address, birthday and age. Also they could maybe talk you into accepting money from them! passing it on. (Money laundering) so they will never drop you. They keep going.
David has been used for many years. Romance Fraudsters are low life liars and thieves and users of innocent lives... their victims and the men whose pictures they use. They are scamming 100+ at once and so can wait for the money/services to start. They never lose out completely. The Account had probably been removed for being fake.. many are every day.
Believe me, there was a lot gained for 3 months.. all about you and your compliance. They will come again in another identity!

David Dosier used on TikTok as Robert Dosier, Dosier Robert, Stephen Dosier, Lamar Dosier BEWARE... SCAMMERS ARE SCAMMING HARD ON TIKTOK

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