Saturday 18 March 2023

WILLIAMS SMITH is a fake using STEVE KALFMAN the copy and paste is FUNNY... The RELIGION used by the criminals is very WRONG


When a man is truly interested in you there will be no need for you to let him go. Because men are born to pursue women.Yes you can pursue a man if you want to, but in most cases that is just an obvious sign that he's not into you.I want nothing more than friendship with you.And I would allow time to decide. And as for me I don't hurt women or allow a man to hurt a woman in front of me, I don't care if I know her or not a woman isn't to be hurt only to be loved,all I want is sweet and cute friendship with you.

I was raised with a Christ-like Christian background and taught from a young age to always be myself and respect other people, and learn how to give mutual respect to my woman. I maintain this value wherever I go. I am a very understanding guy who loves to cuddle and love to have fun.



is a fake



the copy and paste is 


The RELIGION used by the criminals is

very WRONG 

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