Tuesday 28 February 2023

Charles Babbage is a FAKE Account.. The ID he sends could be one of the worst yet! Return to: 'United Stat, France'!

I'm a person that care for someone and i need a person that we love me and i will also love. (😂😂😂)
I'm good to be a military at Military and Defense Insider
Lives in Paris, France
From Tangier, Morocco
A Scammer who will tell you he is real even when you KNOW this is all fake
''I'm Charles Babbage by name from USA,
And i am a military man for living''
''Why did you said that i am a scammer''
He swears he is REAL and can prove it with id.. THEN SENDS TMOST RIDICULOUS ID EVER SEEN.... !
Return to United Stats , France

His English is as good as his ID making!
''I'm good to be a military guys and i am happy always and i am carrying, single alone.''

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