Monday 20 February 2023

Macnealy Yepez A cruel and disgraceful scammer who looks at obiruary pages then contacts family saying he was in the war zone with their loved one! Using Koke Yepes and asks for a lot of money, and gets abusive


KOKE YEPES. As Macnealy Yepez

Hi, I like to give you an update about the Koke Yepez that has been going on for a bit.

Yes I had been taken by one and sent maybe $600 ish Canadian when things did not make sense. At first the person called Macnealy Yepez who claimed to be with the USMC and going to Afghanistan.

My brother was over there and killed he claimed he knew my brother but all the information he obtained was from an online obituary.
I thought that he was one of my brothers friends. I felt bad for him, I knew what things was going on but I should had clued in when he said his card stopped working and he needed money.

He milked the heart strings one of my brothers buddies needed help. I sent money like a fool. He cashed in.

🚩Love bombing. calls then the calls got bad. 🚩His mom passed, his kids were not with their mom.

🚩He had pictures of his kids (heartstring).

The first transaction took place via PayPal and others 🚩 crypto. I sell NFT's so, I passed coin over to him.

Couple of days ago passed, he used hangouts and after I knew I had been taken I wanted to vent my frustration out in a creative way. I called him out.

🤬That is where he began to tell me he was going to rape me with his big, black..... yeah it was back and forth between the two of us... I called him out on his racial slurs which frustrated him even more... I did actually enjoy doing this..

I knew my $600 was gone but I asked for it...

🤬 He said it went to charity...

🤬He hated the questions... May I suggestion if people are suspected of getting scammed... Ask questions and I mean a ton of them...
Look for inconsistencies, I was grief struck and I didn't do it... Be suspicious of people out of no where pop up after a close family death...

❤️Eyes open.. I am happy to report that I am back on track and that venting was exactly what I needed to go on... I take this as a learning lesson and one I like to share with other women...


  1. hello from Greece, i met the same profile, with the same pictures, different name.....Alex Johnson.On instagram ..ronaldmanson201...our story ended because i didnt send him any money...he injured his leg in an terrorist attact and he wanted my adress to send me his personal belongings.
    His daughter was ANGELA, and since i dont have any children he was persuade me to adopt her and live all together in Greece.Be careful girls, they using our insecurities get rich.

    1. ronaldmanson201 seems to have gone..... and the fake package scam is an old and famous one... they use impossible stories.....
      ANYONE that claims to be Military is never real.
      They do not do it. Real men do NOT go looking on social media to contact women.
      Every time someone says they are Military , in the United States or in a war zone , it is a scammer from
      West Africa with love words.
      They WILL ask for cards and/ or cash