Sunday 1 January 2023

Names and Addresses of Money Mules and Bank accounts, Bitcoin Wallets etc..


April 10th 2023

Account name : Naj Silver
1720 John West Road, Dallas, TX 75228-7917
Account Number : 3****0376
Routing Number : 101002716
Bank Address : 3102 Maple Ave,
Dallas, TX 75201

  Email addresses used : 

Bank of America
740 Calavers Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035
account name : PHELAN E IGNACIO 
Account number : 3***4040552
Routing number : 121000358

House address given as 
8318 Dogbane Avenue 
California City
CA 93505
Other names money was sent to: 
Eldor Urunov, Istanbul Turkey

Annette Odelien, Istanbul, Turkey

Vladimir BalandaevBitcoin Wallets 


in Austin Scott Miller scam 
Istanbul, Turkey
(Money Gram) 

Riches Edafe Aguara
New Jersey, USA
(Money Gram) 

Phelan Ignacio
Bank of America 

Bitcoin Wallets 


in Austin Scott Miller scam


Names and Addresses of Money Mules 

Doris Jean Lougu 335 Mallard Drive Newark Ohio 43055

Lili o job 466 Broadway Passaic New Jersey 07055

Account name: Jassoni Hall

Account number: 3031***** Routing number: 0654***** Account type: Total Checking swift code: CHASUSU3XXX Bank address: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY. 10017 Beneficiary address: 2220 Russell Court, Alexandria, La. 71301 Bank name: J.P. Morgan chase country: American 🇺🇸

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