Wednesday 25 January 2023

Mark Storm/Storn using Gustavo Lazo Oval



Mark Storm and a LOT in that name using the stolen pictures of GUSTAVO LAZO OVAL and the words of one they tried to scam!

''Just a few days ago I had a notification from a Mark Storm of South Beach California. He works on an oil rig in long Beach.

We were talking a few times during the day and all the time I'm waiting for the red flags to go up but nothing he said I looked just like an angel then comes all the romance which of course I have never been spoken to like this before in my life . Yes it was beautiful to read this man's text message and looking at his phot at the same time.
He said he was retiring in 3 months so we can be together I told him your going to fast for me. So then he said he didn't know what to eat today or tomorrow.

He then asked me could I order a pizza on line as he had very little money. I said are you having a laugh he said said yes are you I said NO. why not I said your on a rig how would you like me deliver it helicopter, cruise ship he said helicopter!!!!!

Are you kidding me so then I'm busy and I don't answer any of his texts so my phone rings through what's app .
Yes it was a Nigerian who I might add stayed for 1 minute but enough to know you're a dirty rotten scammer. He's blocked again I looked at his photo and thought what a beautiful man and yes I could fall in love with him.''

There is a big difference between the men and women they use on you..............AND THE BEHIND THE SCAM REALITY

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