Wednesday 25 January 2023

Dr CHAD Wagner is being used as Patrick on Tinder +1 (206) 703-1025. Medic in Afghanistan!

I met him on Tinder in Denmark, we then went on whatsapp and this is his number.. (206) 703-1025.

i was shocked when I Googled one of his photos and this Page came up!
The story is the same as everyone else has said...
Goes by the name Patrick from in Afganistán and is a medic..both parents are dead and his foster mum was a Major etc.. was going to retire from the army and move to Denmark where he will reconnect with his mothers relatives
Talking for nearly 2 weeks and he seemed nice ,he hadnt yet asked me for anything. And that's when I found this page thankfully! Thanks for warning people about these scumbags !
And always remember to reverse image search on Google in the future!

He contacted me as Dylan Wagner in October 2021 saying he met me on kik which is a lie!! I blocked right away!!!


  1. Apparently the fake Dr Chad Wagner (Dr Chad Oliver Wagner) only studied for 4 years at the University of California San Francisco to become a DDS and a orthopedic surgeon to work for the UN through the US Army. The smartest fake doctor in the world! Lol! He says he is in Aleppo, Syria and he is very charming, even willing to help you because he makes 20,000 USD a month but sadly he cannot buy a 50 USD google play gift card! So he asks for money for that, nor he is able to pay 2000 USD for his commander to release him from duty so he can go to find you to get married and start a family together. That is his dream! OMG LOL! He thinks that because he shares this kind of info (like fake salary or family fake situation or work fake info) you have to tell him yours. He sent me a pic of his dick and of course he demanded for nude pics of myself which I never sent. Will talk to you about marriage,(He will even marry you with a blood oath) kids, honeymoon, etc just for you to feel vulnerable to ask you for money. He will even pressure you by saying you don’t trust him. This person is fake. Careful! I told him I was poor with no opportunities and acted very jealous so he said he loves me and blocked me as I blocked him too. I know that his Intagram profile where he contacted me was reported and deleted by Instagram but he said to me that he deleted his Ig account for me. So no other female can reach him. He is mine and he is part of my family! Lol!! Be careful!! This guy is not for real.

  2. He contacted me through Instagram as Chad Oliver Wagner on Jan 19 2023. He said he is a DDS and a orthopedic surgeon who works for the UN through the US Army. Amazingly he only took 4 years of med school to accomplish his medical degrees (both, as a DDS and as a Surgeon). He said he is from California who lives in Dallas,Tx and now he is in Aleppo, Syria.
    He is nice and charming and he sends many pictures of him and his dog and friends. Even as a military. He even sends many virtual flowers. He asked me to be his gf on the first day we met. By the 3rd day we met he asked me to marry him through a blood oath. After that I was supposed to have obligations with me so first he asked me for nude pics of myself which I denied. Then he asked me for a google play card (50USD) and I said no. Then he asked about my income and I told him nothing. He kept talking to me about trust and that as husband and wife I should trust him. After a week the “love” decreased and he decided not to talk to me anymore! (Lol). Of course I sent all the info I was recollecting that proved that he was a scammer and I blocked him. Don’t believe him. A real handsome american DDS will never look for someone online. And if he makes USD 20,000 a month (as this scammer said he made) he will never ask for a USD50. for a google play card to keep communicating with you. Be smart and very careful.

  3. He contacted me as Dylan Wagner in October 2021 saying he met me on kik which is a lie!! I blocked right away!!!

    1. I love that you knew and blocked! thanks for the information

  4. The scammer using dr Chad Warner’s profile also contacted me under the name mason Lucas on instagram. I’m in Australia but he used a few key scammer phrases like dear etc I questioned him and he started saying that he was 42 when it’s clear that profile pic he’s not 42 . I can tell it’s fake. He’s saying he’s a maxi facial surgeon to sound fancy the guys real name is Chad Wagner and even the scammers are creating profiles saying they have been hurt by people scamming but they are fake profiles. I think it’s affecting the real guys business so he might take legal action! Here is the fake profile