Sunday, 27 February 2022

Fabian Reyes Take care! A fake account on Dating Sites (inc Tinder) Says in Somalia!

 IN the words of the peson who came to us:

So this guy (or better said the guy that stoled this poor boy's fotos) is a scammer, contacted me on Tinder saying he is from military on a peace keeping mission in Somalia.

He goes by the name Fabian Reyes now from Phoenix Arizona, we talked for about 1 month, i had red flags pretty soon, he didn't asked for money, but i guess that is what was to come, he said he should be done with mission by the end of february and then he will come to visit me. Yeah right! (i live in Germany)

Yesterday his Tinder account showed the distance between us (that never happend before) and then i knew for sure that he is a scammer ( and a goode one, he speaks pretty good english and is smooth). I send him a message and told him i know he is scammer and he blocked me.

Btw he said that due to restrictions at his camp he cannot make video calls...that was not true, it never is. So be aware!

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