Monday 6 September 2021

He was using photos of Dr Luis Eduardo Oliveira.


''I"ve been contacted by Dr Kelly Madison.His emai address is 

He was using photos of Dr Luis Eduardo Oliveira. 

He invited me om hangouts and I accepted.He says he is from Houston Texas and is a doctor working on a contract on a ship in Spain.

When he started demanding that I must buy google play cards,steam cards or itune cards for him,I realized he was a scammer.

Unfortunately I have sent him some photos of myself.He further said that he has a son that is in a boarding school in Texas with the name Harry Jefferson,12 years old.His email address is''

    +1 417-986-0656

Dr. Luis Eduardo Oliveira under name Edwin roland email:


Using Oliveira

+1 518 992 3731

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