Thursday 9 September 2021

Daniel Lovec +852 6738 4381 FAKE DATING ACCOUNT

I met the Scammer in Tinder and introduced me to SUNTON CAPITAL LTD / SUNTON FX
Daniel Lovec
+852 6738 4381
We met with this guy in tinder. Then he asked for my number and continued our chats in Whatsapp. Our conversation went well, we exchanged photos, told me that he’s just new to my place for about 4 months ago.
He told me about his profession and that he is earning a fixed salary of 200,000 HKD per month and that he owns a business in Hongkong and opening a branch in Doha.
He is a single father with 1 kid and that his wife died because of Ebola virus when she volunteered to participate in a rescue work in Guinea, Africa. He said he is an IT expert doing software development and system maintenance for financial companies. 2 days after, he told me that he received a call from a client company that he needs to go for a business trip in Bahrain to upgrade a Metatrader5 system and that he’s been waiting for this for so long because he will have the chance to make money that he cannot make in Doha in a year.
He was so eager to share to me his experience in trading and how big he can get from it. When he arrived in Bahrain, he asked for my help to help me do the trade on his behalf. I downloaded the Metatrader5 app, logged in using his account details and do the trade for him. It happened twice then he was so thankful that I helped him earn much money.
He wanted to share his fortunes with me so he let me register myself so i could also earn more profits like him. He shared me the link of Sunton Capital ltd and made an account there. I started with a small amount then he let me withdraw it to show me the process. He encouraged me that if I will invest more, I will get more profit.
So I topped up my investment and earn profits from it. Then one day he told me there is a prize event from the broker that i can possibly earn bonuses. He told me to ask the customer service if i am eligible to join then he advised to take first the minimum level which is $10,000.
I was so naive then that i agreed to join without knowing the rules or consequence from joining such event. At first, I thought it was like just a bonus that I could win it for free.
Later I realized that I need to top up my account until it will reach to $10,000. I know that I cannot make it because I used up the bulk of my savings and this guy knew it from the start that i max out my savings because I was so open about it and shared to him.
So I wish to cancel from joining the event but the customer service told me that it is not allowed to cancel once i successfully applied the activity. All I need to do is to complete the top up or else I cannot make any withdrawal from my assets.
Now I‘m hoping i could take my money back. I was so dumb to fall for this trap.
Account number:04*******01
Do Viet Nhat
Bank: Tienphong Bank
Erin Harrington
Account number: 190*******6014
Nguyen Thi Tam
Bank: Techcombankv

Another dating scammer is calls himself Rodrygo Montez

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