Thursday 13 May 2021

this is HAMMAD RIDWAN he is a scammer he is using stolen pictures and the name richmond richmond (on a road contract in NIGERIA ! )


Road Contractor in New York
Studied at The City College of New York
Lives in Brooklyn, New York
👉THIS SCAMMER WAS HUNTING ON and contacting women making comments there... MUCH OLDER WOMEN THAN THE MAN USED HERE
He pretends the profile was made when he
'I created this profile when I went to Nigeria for a job trip
Or haven’t I told you that I am a Road Contractor''
'Try and understand me baby
Okay what do you want me to do for you again just to understand me
Talk to me'
So his profile has 1,368 Nigerian friends from when he went to work there!
ENOUGH SAID... he quickly does accept the pictures are him really¬
Although he does not like the word SCAMMER

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