Tuesday 18 May 2021



I'm inspector Olu Malvins from Interpol police fund investigation/monitoring Unit Togo Republic, we kindly urge you to stop every and whatever transaction you have with individual, offices, departments, or organisations, here in AFRICA until we finish out our investigation process. According to reports and after our previous investigation we discovered you have been dealing with impostors from the wrong offices to claim your rightful fund, along the process you lost a lot of your hard earn money, so therefore to proceed kindly forward every messages communication you have with any of those impostors to empower our investigation to be able to track them down. Make sure you have solid evidence to prove you have been victimised? Contact our police investigation unit VIA mail address (interpol_fund_monitoring_unit @aol.com) or kindly as well text or what-sap for more easy communication. (+228 986 95 037) It's our priority to make the world a better place?

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