Wednesday 25 November 2020

Tha African Prince is still scamming


HOW ! No idea
~~ <>
Datum: di 24 nov. 2020 om 22:58
Onderwerp: Fw: Urgent/confidential
Aan: <>

Dear Beloved,

Good morning to you. I'm prince Alfred Odidi originally from Liberia and now in Malaysia.
Few years ago I brought my inheritance/assets to Malaysia by help of a UN ambassador to look for my late father's friend from here who used to rent out family rubber plantation back in Liberia but I wasn't able to find him and so I deposited both the funds and alluvial gold bullion with Klang Security Company here.
I've since February this year returned to Malaysia and now I'm ready to remove the assets and move to Australia for investment and possible settlement purposes.
Now I kindly would like you to be my funds and investment manager for a 20% cut of the entire assets which I will disclose in details for you subsequently.
Please revert here urgently and we take it from thence.

Yours sincerely,

Prince Alfred Odidi.

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