Monday 2 March 2020

Non-Military Romance Scams, February 2020

Non-Military Romance Scams, February 2020

Some we saw through ScamHaters United in February 2020


  1. been talking to a person named Roberto j Poole, said he was a general surgeon in army.
    He used Tom Ernstings photos. I blocked on my cell. He also has my home phone and email. He
    only contacted me on my cell. Also has my mailing address. Anything else i could do to protect
    myself from the scammers doing anything to me. will they do anything now since i blocked
    them from my cell phone. do they do anything in anger.

    1. No they only chase money and if they do anything in anger it is their temper and they will be a nuisance more than anything. If they have your name, address age and birthday consider filing a fraud report with Experian or Equifax. That can be enough for identity theft and opening cards and accounts in your name. This is why they gather this information ! nothing romantic it is all fraud and malice from word one !
      PLEASE take care....NO Doctors are contacting women! ALL are scammers