Wednesday, 3 October 2018

TECHERA ....TECH_NASTY !! One Minute Warnings of Ones to Watch

One Minute Warnings of Ones to Watch

If you are contacted by these pictures you are not talking to the person in them.

You are talking to a scammer that has stolen them.


  1. This person is talking to a friend of mind ,he's saying he's pretending to be a scammer so he can catch who is stealing his pic.i told her about it ,he's stole Money from her.

    1. I'm sorry she sent money to scammers.. of course he is not pretending ! he is one.. please tell her to get away from these straight away !

  2. make her believe that he is scamming her he sent her $1,000 they put a stop payment on that check in the bank and now he just sent her $5,000 to try this again I can't make her believe that he's scamming her I don't know what to do

  3. either come to the FB page on to Messages or and we will see what we can do from there. He is so prominent on instagram, his real page... she can see she isn't talking to him.. fake checks leads to fruad convictions and loss of lots of money, we have to stop her !