Monday, 15 October 2018

SAM PRATHER ~ One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch

SAM PRATHER ~ One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch

If you are contacted by these pictures.
You are not talking to the man in them,
but to the scammer that has stolen them


  1. I was contact by a guy name Krisstoff Prateher with the same photo as the one above, thanks for the heads up, and i definitely did not send him any money. Never send money to someone you don't know and besides military personnel don't need money everything is provided for them.

    1. Exactly and every one should say the same as you. Life would be a lot different online

    2. I was also contacted by a guy on a dating site calling himself pratherluv using one of the photos above. So far he hasn't asked for anything but says he is in love with me and wants me to talk on hangouts. I have already been scammed and taken for over 2000.00 by someone else. Is there any way to stop this person?