Friday, 17 February 2017

DAVIS DOSSIER, using the stolen images of DAVID DOSIER



These ones are so clever, his name is on the badge and they couldn't even spell it right.

He is now using the name Kenneth Martins on Facebook and Instagram. He is claiming to be in Iraq.


  1. This is horrible what people will do,,. I was sent a friend request from this person, instead of confirming, I did send a message, he did message me back, I an not a very trusting person., makes it difficult because the picture is of a very handsome soldier. Once I advised happily married,,, no more messages, go figure. Gut instinct is always r right. Be nice to find the scum that is doing it to these people.

    1. It wouldn't be hard for the African police to clean it all up. It wouldn't be hard for Facebook to clean it all up !! It is a crime that nobody is interested in stopping.
      I've had names and addresses of Africans who have picked up money... they will do nothing at all.

      I feel for David Dosier and his family, for all the men used. They don't deserve this.

      I will say though... you will be shocked at how many marriages they break up ! I know you are happily married so they couldn't.. but one sniff of a marriage that might not be so happy and they are in there. Women actually divorce husbands for men they have never met.... nothing is off bounds for a scammer. !

      I am like you. I don't trust anything and Google the life out of everything. Maybe that's why I'm unscammable.. that's what I always tell them when I get a friend request. I never accept.. but they do get a message so I can see what they say !! And their, usually, terrible English !

  2. Contacted me on messenger,, first he tried to friends me,, didn't accept. Got me on msgr. So I figured maybe I knew him, didn't. Only took him the second conversation to process his love for me, even after I advised that I was happily married,. Screenshot all before booking never had the opportunity to all for$$

    Feel sorry for the person whose picture is being stolen, he is our military, if I was get find the guy doing it, no problem, I will
    Jack him up.

    1. This is the problem there is nothing that they can do. African scammers do not care who they use or who they hurt. Yes.. your military and yet the US Army and social media aren't tackling it because they will be the ones that can have the biggest impact.
      David Dosier is retired now and lives quietly with his family.... and the impact on the men who have this happen is bad, it's hard for them.
      Personally I'd get all the men used together, with weapons and let them go get all the scammers... seems only fair !! After all, police don't do anything about scammers, so why should they do anything about revenge on them !!! Just my opinion !! :)

    2. Hey sweetheart,
      Thank you for your prayer and also your email, I missed you so much and I'm so sorry for keeping you waiting baby, your thought saved my life today.Our truck was hit by an RPG, the force turned it over and I took a pill. I was face to face with death, I never stopped thinking about you, there was heavy shooting, and we promised a safe place until our back came to save us, I wanted to live to see one more day with you and .
      I'm fine, but a bullet went through my leg and legs, baby do not worry, it's just a piece of meat. At least now I'll be out of action for on

      At least 2 weeks, I took a walk to the command room just to send this email to let you know that I am good .You no longer know how crazy I am for you that we

      Began to flow in words of passion and since then you have admitted to me that you feel like I do. There is not one second that passes because I'm not lost

      Dreaming of us today to be some wonderful thing happened, something that will change our lives forever, but then it can only happen if you love me as hard as I do. I am

      Know that you really love me so I will give you every part of my heart so that you can see all the secret there. I remembered so much good consolation

      The compensation money that the government provides us is an amount of 3.4 million US dollars (three million and seven million US dollars) and some of it is $ 1m

      US dollar (million US dollars) and some gift items .. but my fear is that this money can not be here at the camp because we are not allowed to keep cash and it

      Is not safe. Who can I trust to keep it for me? My love I know destiny brought us together for a purpose. I strongly believe in my heart that my legs, baby do not worry, it's just a piece of meat. At least now I'll be out of action for on זה מייל שקיבלתי מהנוכל

    3. 'The compensation money that the government provides us is an amount of 3.4 million US dollars (three million and seven million US dollars) and some of it is $ 1m'... REALLY.. CASH AND GIFT ITEMS SO HE WILL SEND IT TO YOU...

      This is their oldest scam and STILL NETS THEM THOUSANDS.

      How does anyone fall for it?? I have no idea.. but it's a good way for you to lose a few thousand dollars to scammers if you send anything.. !!

    4. How can you find this deceiver behind the pictures of David Dosier

  3. How can you find this deceiver behind the pictures of David Dosier

    1. No because there are many. There is not one scammer using David Dosier there are hundreds. Those pictures are out there, any of them can pick them up and use them. We only find the ones behind them when they slip up. Which sometimes they do.
      But.. it's not just one...

  4. I met someone on Tender Singles and his nickname is hallowedmark54 ... he sounds too good to be true, disengaged from the Marine Corps and become a personal trainer in Aalborg, Denmark. He contacted me by using Hangout but he dumped me somehow last week.

  5. I need that name is also in my account and i found out that he is a scammer.. What will they going the names and address that i given to them??

  6. I give my details to that scammer what should i do??

    1. If you gave details that can lead to identity theft you must tell your bank and report to Police as soon as you can

  7. I'm just wondering if it's the same people because the last scam was in 2020.

    I was contacted by a man named Martin Armstrong using David's profile pictures and life . Said his wife was dead and he had a young son 13 in a military school. Which I have altered learned his wife and David are separated and his son is in his 20-30.

    He said he was stationed in Syria and he would be retiring soon. Waiting for paper work and money from government.

    Only asked me a couple of times for money . But since I have became a care giver for my Mom full time, I have no money coming in . He seemed okay about this and never pushed me for money again. Said he wasn't after money . The only time he asked again about money was when he said he had finally got accepted for his retirement and the money came through. The only problem was that he couldn't get access to his bank because it was a saving account and he had to be there in person. He also had a bit coin account with thousands of dollars in it but couldn't access it.

    I was contacted by another Instagram user who Martin was also talking to using the same lines ect.

    I started doing some readership and found out about the real man behind the pictures, David Dosier. I confronted Martin and asked him questions and showed him the info I had gathered. He said that David was his real /birth name but he had to use a fake name because he was being used as a romance scammer. So I told him if you love me like you say you do then just tell me the truth. Show me a real picture and your real info.

    When I said this he ended the conversation for a couple of days and then came back and said he didn't want to lose me what did I want from him? I told him the truth. He said okay I'm going to bed right now but will talk to you in the morning.

    The next morning I found he had blocked me and maybe deleted the Instagram account he was using and blocked me on Google chat.

    Of he wasn't after money and never got anything from me? Then why did he keep talking to me for three months with nothing gained?

  8. He is now using the name Kenneth Martins on Facebook and Instagram. He is claiming to be in Iraq.

    1. The real man is happily retired and lives in the US with his wife and family... thanks for the information