Wednesday 22 June 2016

WARNING.. FAKE FAN PAGES..asking for help

A warning for the Facebook Page.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know about another scam, one that someone tried to pull on me in the last few days on facebook.
It seems scammers are making up profiles of celebrities and friending people.

For example, you can see I like Iggy Pop because I use his pic for my proflie and I have an Iggy pic on my home page.

So, anyway, this person starts an account with an extra letter in Iggy's name.

It was Iggyy (extra y) Pop. He sent a friend request. Well, I asked him why he was doing that and to provide more info.

He messages me saying he really is Iggy Pop, his management company is secretly going under, his attorney told him to contact someone outside his circle to help him, and if I did do what he needed I would be greatly rewarded.

I contacted facebook and they deleted his/her account. But I did notice 35 people had already friended him/her.

I do hope they didn't lose money. And I want people to be aware of these people now pretending to be celebrities on facebook. Thanks.


I've come across these with a full stop at the end and other ways. 
It's another way of scamming... please share.

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