Sunday 5 June 2016

Tyler Leroy Williams... Fake Contractor

Tyler Leroy Williams... FAKE FAKE FAKE
Works at ConstructionStudied at The City College of New YorkFrom Canada, Kentucky
Also known as and here as Milagros Jucutan

Meet Tyler Leroy Williams .... Tyler is his last name, by the way, I've said why they do this other places here, let's not educate them.

He had talked with his Reverend Father and he had told him to find a new wife, because he was widowed !!

Now our friend here likes to talk to lots of women... and prefers you to call him something nice.. he'll call you Honey (that saves him getting your name wrong as he's talking to so many different names!).

I'm going to call him Tyler, because he doesn't like being called Tyler ! 

Tyler is supposed to be from Canada (Canada, Kentucky he states on his profile).

Poor man does have an unfortunate life... he was in hospital with his heart. Said his 'heart had fallen out with him'.... His dear Reverend Father was texting the woman he was talking to at the time from his bedside after his collapse with this heart attack. !!

He is contractor with the chance of getting a new contract in Hong Kong. So, off he goes to Hong Kong and guess what !!! Yes... Tyler gets the contract !!!! $4.5 million worth !!!

Happy man you'd think... but no ! He has a cheque and can't cash it until he gets back to the States ! (Although it's a Bank Of Hong Kong cheque). So.. would his lady please send him the money for the flight home, $1000 !!

Oh this man can think up stories. He'll call you WIFE, a common scammer thing, they think you like it. He'll ask you to be his 'Beneficiary', not sure what that means to them, but you'll get a fake form for it.

Be careful with him... he can send pictures of parts of the body well, you'd rather not have pictures of. I'll bet they are carefully chosen fakes too !!! He is a scammer that makes false documents, sends lots of pictures and phones.. a lot. He may not be one person.. but he's a cut above the young lad scammers... which means they've been at this for a while... and it works for them !

That lovely big cheque that he can't cash until he gets back to the States !

YAY !! He got the contract!

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