Saturday 18 June 2016

Totten Arlington ,, He's Dying.. send money NOW !

Totten Arlington..FAKE MILITARY
Master Sergeant at U.S. ArmyLives in Fort Belvoir, VirginiaWidowedFrom Fort Belvoir, VirginiaPronounces name TAH-ten ARR-ling-tawn
(I love the way he tells you how to pronounce his name)
The thing is that it has 'Dandy' on his name badge on his jacket that he hasn't seemed to have noticed or doesn't realise is a name. 
Now this poor rat takes tragedy as far as it can go....
Widowed, wife died 6 years ago of Lung Cancer
Had 2 kids, One died in a car accident with his uncle heading to Dallas. The other died of a Brain inflamation !!
Was an only child. His mother had issues giving birth.
Dad died of Lung Cancer. Mom died of a Stroke.
(sad sick little rats)
Favorite Color Purple

Has Tattoos [SEE PIX}

Does not smoke

Brown Eyes

Black Hair

5' 4" ( not very tall is he!!)

Says he has pets back on base in VA

No Favorite Cologne

No Favorite kind of Pizza

Dream Car - Bugatti

Likes KFC and Sea Food

Likes Spinach and Cheese Dishes
Stated that he was Sick and running a fever but did not have the funds to go to the Doctor.

When asked why he didn't go to the Military Doctor stated the old one left and the new one would not arrive for 3 days.(Oh yes.. No military doctor for their Army !! The rat is an idiot)

Said he needed to go right then and there or he would DIE.

Said he had no access to his funds and he could not use credit cards there because they would not work 
there. (Wrong... the Army wherever it goes can get to their money at any time).

However he said he would refund the money back to me in a few days.

When asked how he could do that when he had no access to funds he did not answer.

Said he had not been to the doctor because of no funds, but yet stated the following:
"I will be too late for me to connect with him now and doc said anything can happen to me if I don't treat 
myself in time"

Tried to play on my Sympathy by stating: "I will refund your money back to you soon, I just need it now to 
save my life, I am not ok"

The money to be sent with Western Union. 
Name: Rebecca Jacob
City : Ile Ife
State: Osun State
Country: Nigeria
Zipcode: +234036

Didn't state an amount, just for his treatment and meds.. the treatment he will die with unless he sees the Doctor.... and the Doctor told him he needs meds... but he says on the one hand he's never seen one !

He appears to be VERY will educated.

Uses excellent spelling and punctuation.

Rarely uses broken English.

Does NOT tell you he is in love with you.

Writes long, long, long messages about himself and what he is looking for.

They do NOT appear to be copied and pasted as it takes him a long time between messages.

I do feel that he is typing them out as he goes.
Don't send him anything.... he's not dying... he's just a greedy Nigerian.. that is why he says he is there..... he is, but not doing anything honest.

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