Friday 17 June 2016

Sandra Joe Nogosek ..SCAMMER

Sandra Joe Nogosek ..SCAMMER

We got a warning about this one... now the pictures are very posed and perfect but I can't find them on Google Image Search.

She is saying she isn't a scammer... I think someone may have exposed her because she has the
''Please don't believe him ,, he trying too have a sex with me ,,, I'm not accepted with him ,, trying too black mail my image too everyone ,,, please don't believe him
All he wanted too have sex with is best friend wife that was me ,,,,,''

Good English as you see !!!

Then ''Please I'm not a scammer ,, don't believe him ,,,, I used Almighty God too beg you please ,,,''

Well.. it probably isn't even a woman behind the profile.

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