Wednesday 8 June 2016

Paul Hollins

Paul Hollins.... Fake Profile...

Now he sent a friend a Friend Request.. she didn't accept but messaged him and nothing..... I was going to wait but he has some liking his picture so he is getting victims !

The real man is Stephen Niese, a male model !

The real man in the picture... Stephen Niese, model. 


  1. this jerk just had me on a string pretending to be the gorgeous guy above...says he works for Btisling Oil as a Project Manager off the coast of Ireland...lost his parents when he was young...born in Madrid, Spain but moved to the U.S. Says he has a son who is in Boarding School just outside of Santa Ana California where he lives when not on an oil platform off the coast of Ireland where he has been for 4 months....he found my profile on Facebook and sent me a friend request...then within a couple of hours he told me he loved me....presented himself as a widower as I really am a widow.. what a creep.

    1. Scammers are creeps...also they hunt on pages and groups for widows and deceased families.. so beware.
      Be careful of any contact you get from a 'professional' or military man you don't know.... real men don't do this