Wednesday 8 June 2016

James Dwain Baker

James Dwain Baker.. FAKE PROFILE
Works at Construction
Lives in Rochester, New York
From Rocky Mount, Missouri
This scammer contacts on Facebook but he hangs around Dating sites and dating pages on here too.
Now when you get friends with him he is HUGE copy and paste,which means he has his messages all ready to send the same to everyone

''sweetie thanks for everything you said about yourself, sounds so great and besides you caught me big time cos i never believe that i will find a woman as real as you on internet,though this my first time of being here on internet and i have the believe in God that as am giving it a trial that i will definitely meet the woman of my life that will also love me and my son for whom we are , but will let you know that i want you more than just an ordinary friend,while am also ready to get Commit again to the right woman hope its you if things get to work out better for us.
Let me quickly answer the questions i asked you so you could at least know what my answers are lol..
1.The qualities i am looking for in a woman... she has to be a woman with high self esteem and one who does not give up easily.. one with a fighting spirit and has to know what it takes to make her man happy and one who will not stop at nothing for her family just like me, a woman who will know and understand my kind of man and one who will treat me like i am the best on earth and one i can give the same in return.
2.Yes i am more than ready for a serious relationship now.
3.I have never hurt feelings or jilted a woman in my life because i haven't been into a lot of relationship and i do anything to make my woman happy when i get in a relationship.
4.Yes i drive and i have 3 cars.
5.I have my own house.
6.I am a practicing christian with good faith and i believe in God and also i am God fearing and will be a plus for me to have a woman like that too.
7.I am originally from Rocky Mount Missouri and live in rochester NY now.
8.I have a bad habits of wanting to kiss my woman at all time not minding my environment, I've tried to stop that and I'm sure I could do it with your support if you dont like it.
I hope i am not gonna scare you away with all this answers? lol''
Now the reply he got from me was, well, not as long as his and well, one word answers... doesn't matter, he didn't read them because I got a long reply that he couldn't possible have made up himself.... in fact Googling the words they are all over used by Scammers in emails... GOOGLE... YOUR TOOL... Please use it ALL THE TIME !! ***
This is one of the places I found the exact same script...and there were so very many...

Baby i am really glad i have time to write you again.. i must let you know that talking to you is something i really enjoy and i cant stop saying a prayer to God for this to work out for us... well baby i have to let you know my Interest in you ... I am very loyal and will be the best friend you could ever have or want. I may not have the biggest shoulders in the world, but I am a friend for life, and want to always be there for you.. I love to make People smile and Happy at all Time. Its nice seeing new places and meeting new people from the world. Bedroom aerobics are great, and I consider that an important part of a relationship. Being able to come home after work and hold a nice conversation is something that has been missing in my life for a long time. Believe it or not, the most sensitive part of my body is my fingertips. I love to touch!!! Holding hands and showing affection is very important to me. I believed in friendship so much cos to me it is the key role to a long lasting relationship. I am looking for someone to cherish to love or be loved and i believe it might be you.I want the person whom i can share my ideas with, express my concerns with , comfort her in an hour of need. i am down to earth, very practical, common sense individual. I believe in trusting one another. Trust is the most important of a relationship don't you agree?. Without trust a relationship cannot exist .because if there is no trust there is no relationship.. I want to be the one that can be there to reassure You in times when you question somethings. I want to be the one that can make you laugh for i do have a good sense of humor and a general good disposition about me. One cannot fake this, I am a one woman man and i would respect my love for who she is. My heart would not permit me to hurt my love emotionally for to hurt her would also hurt myself. There would be great emptiness in my life if i was to lose some one special like you. I will value you like myself ,ideas, and feel that what ever you have to say is important! my values are traditional.
I was taught by parents to respect a woman like Yourself. To treat that person as i would be treated. I would like to give it a try and get to know you as deep and compassionate as yourself better. This is my interest and i want you to know what you think about both opinion.
Thinking about you.
Yours Truely,
So, after loving so much he tells you about being in Nigeria for this big Construction job... (where else!!).
His son is at home (did he mention he is a widower). So sad, his beloved son has had an accident, hurt his back and needs £2200 . NOW for treatment.. sent to Nigeria of course ! !

He gets very hurt when you say NO.... and doesn't love you at all then... and goes... just gives up and goes.. !!!!

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