Tuesday 7 June 2016

Gills Henry

Gills Henry FAKE PROFILE....

Media crew director at Steve G. Jones 
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inc.
This is a strange one... although he is using the pictures of one of my most commonly used men... see here... 
As soon as he accepts the Friend Request you get a message and he doesn't respond to the message..... 
''Hello thanks for your comment and likes i am Henry gills (media director of Steve G. Jones Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inc.) I have been asked by Dr steve g jones to inform you that you should email him on his personal email and also add him up on Google+ and hangout on this email (drstevegjones01@gmail.com)or on skype:( dr.steve.g.jones) thanks for your time?''

Now I have tried to get more from him... but nothing. So I have emailed Dr Jones !! 

Dr Steve G.Jones <drstevegjones01@gmail.com''ok thanks for contacting me i have been waiting to talk with you beautiful''Now actually I am quite insulted it is so ignorant of any decent English.... I've replied to him !! We'll see where it goes...
Change of direction.... so I am interested to see what I get in reply. Very poor photoshopping !!! And genuine pictures stolen from Dr Steve Jones. 
Leads to an invite to join his Google + Circles at Fake Dr Jones Google + Circles !


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