Tuesday 7 June 2016

Bill Richards

Bill Richards... FAKE MILITARY PROFILE... 
 Soldier at United States Army
        30 March 1966  
 Studied at American Military University 
          Past: La Marque High School and 
        New York Military Academy 
Lives in Sweetwater, Texas 
In a relationship 
From Texas City, Texas

He has 44 friends and seems he has some victims already hooked.
Now this man can moan !! 

He is another one that is going to tame Boko Haram in Nigeria... but it's secret, you haven't got to tell anyone.

He is a widower... lost is sweet only daughter's mother in a car crash.. would you believe it ! He only has time to talk to you though... now, 4 women have told me that.

He is the quickest of all 'lovers'. took 8 minutes to 'Babe, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you'

He is asking for $500 as no other money has come through for him. He says he doesn't get paid until his mission ends (A LIE... IN REAL LIFE SOLDIERS ARE PAID TWICE A MONTH).

He has no money or credit cards as he won't take them on deployment with him.

The food is bad there and he wants $500 and of course he'll pay it back. (Now this always makes me laugh. He is in Kabul, if he gets money, where is he going to go to buy food? To the local shop?? )


He said he was in Nigeria on a Peace Keeping Mission (he must be lonely, because there isn't a Peace Keeping mission in Nigeria.he must he there on his own.. )

He falls in love quickly and wants to marry you !! (As they all do ! ) He is searching for a good Christian woman after his wife's death.(They are all widows as well. )

He has 4 children and is in Dallas. ... but can you buy him a new cellphone !

Ok... that too much... an iTunes Gift Card.....

Then it was just plain cash !! 

He was told in no uncertain terms what he was getting... 




  1. Wow. I'm blown away by all of this. This guy, "Christopher Briane Richards" from Dallas, TX, contacted me from an online dating site approximately 3 weeks ago. US Army Special Forces Engineer Sergeant Richards, says he's been deployed to South Africa for 3 months and intends on retiring upon his return to The States at the end of January 2018.
    Richards states that his wife is deceased for 7 years now, he's dated no one for seven years as he's dedicated the last seven years to his 3 children (he provided names and photos 1. Son Michael, Army, currently in China for special training 2. Richards with oldest daughter, Patricia 3. Richards with daughter Annie 4. random photo of youngest son, Tyler?). I have to say, after studying the photos, the two photo of Richards with daughters Patricia and Annie look like the same person, only the photos appear to be taken years apart...Richards looks younger in the photo with younger daughter, Annie than in the photo with Patricia. The girls, they're both wearing the same ring, same features, structure of face and bone, etc., and the photo is in the same facility, a school. The only reason I didn't believe they are younger and older sisters, Richards looks several years younger in the photo he claims is his youngest daughter, Annie, and obviously Richards appears to be older in photo taken with eldest daughter, Patricia.

    Richards stated he owns a home Downtown Dallas, gave me an address in Dallas. As soon as he stated the street name, I knew it was another lie due to my familiarity of the city I've lived in for many years, and also the street name provide, not a neighborhood you'd want to live in, much less drive down. I knew the street name he provide was not a street in or near Downtown Dallas. So what do I do? I Googled the address, see that it's in the middle of a street, no house, no nothing. I laughed when I discovered this...but I couldn't let it end there, I also checked the Dallas County Tax Appraisal Office, no records of him owning a home here. At least, not by the name, Christopher Briane Richards.

    I recently received a phone call from him while I was at work, I took the call. He sounded distressed, panicked because suddenly, 'Baby, I'm so stressed out; I lost my wallet on the way to training camp baby' (or bbe as he likes to text). So the next day, another phone call "Baby, please can you help? I have no way to get my Care Package, I need food, I have no ID, no wallet, no way to purchase my Care Package, can you send $500.00?" (Seriously? Seriously?) Um, negative Ghost Rider.

    You see, there's this neat little thing called "Google Image", I have been Google Imaging your pics you send me, from Day 1.

    The lies he tells. Unreal. So is this guy a US Soldier or not? Seems like he would be in a world of shit for what he's doing? I wish I could post pics of all of the text messages from this guy "Christopher Briane Richards" for all to see.

    Email given to me: chrisrich1961@yahoo.com; and this one made me laugh: us.army.military@email.com.

    The name of the person he wanted me to send money to is: Chaisa Dimakatso Mogotlane: South Africa : Zip Code: 0699

    Richards current cell phone number I was given: 903-494-2315