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On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 8:45 AM Kelvin Scott <> wrote:
Good morning...
It was nice talking to you on the text and I'm delighted we connect through our personal email because I am cautious with whom I communicate with. You seem such a lovely woman and your pictures are incredibly gorgeous. I am surprised you don't have men knocking on your door already. I think online dating is an easy way to get to know someone to start with, ask questions and talk about common interests but the reality is to meet and get to know one another in person.
I never thought I'd still be single at this stage of my life, but I guess my career path and personal decisions have brought me this far. Everyone has a mental image of how he or she wishes life should be. Mine has always been the thought of being a father and with a beautiful family. Well, I guess sometimes life has its own menu served on the table for us before we were even born. I decided to give the online dating an attempt because of the busy nature of my work, and the fact that we have limited interactions with the outside world.

I believe everyone has a story, and there are always two sides to every story. I hate complaining because I feel everything happens for a reason and that we learn and grow from all our life experiences. I know the importance of sharing information and getting to know one another. I'm not very good at selling myself. I feel I'm a good person. I try to be very genuine with everyone. I grew up on a farm in Hamilton, heritage is half Irish and half Scots, Older brother Jimmy and step sister Linda. My mom was killed in a car accident when I was three, Dad remarried after my mom. My step mom we affectionately called the Warden. She was just mean, lol. He divorced her. In the summer of 1982 July 26th to be exact my brother Jim was killed in a tractor accident and life changed in a heartbeat. My Dad never really recovered and he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1985. Dad passed in 1991.
I hope through my conversations you can somewhat pick up on who I am and what platform I stand on. I am looking for a woman who is there to talk with and share special moments with who is loving and caring and enjoys spending quality time together. In a relationship to do things together whether you go for a walk holding hands or watch a movie and cuddle. Closeness is important.
I find that I basically have everything I want. I'm financially comfortable and fiscally responsible, but I feel empty. What I have realized is living in a big house or with an above average income doesn't make you happy or feel less lonely. Only an honest, up front, built from the ground up, relationship does that. I would be happy in a small town, in a small house, with lots of love in it. I feel that life is very precious.
I wake up each day, and I am thankful for being here. It would be nice to be able to come home and greet and be greeted with a simple "Hi honey how was your day with a hug and kiss” with someone you cherish deeply. I love simple things in life, little things can mean so much. It's what you do for each other that counts. When you do a lot of special little things for someone the rewards are greater than a person can imagine. You can have everything but truly have nothing if you don't have that special someone.
I'm an intelligence Officer doing a project in Ukraine which is to give comprehensive training support to Ukrainian forces, I also provide strategic advice on defence reform to Ukraine’s Minister of Defence and other senior officials.This is not a combat mission, but rather a capacity-building mission taking place jointly with the US military and other partners. This task is called Operation UNIFIER. In few weeks, my mission should be over, and after submitting reports to the service, I will return home finally. It has been one-mission after another till now, I had plans of retiring early this year till I was called on this mission, more technical requiring the leadership of someone with much experience, hence I had no option than to accept to do it.
Well, I don't have to take all your time. There is a lot more to my story so if you want to know more. I'm an open book; turn me one page at a time to unravel my story.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Warmest regards,
Kelvin C Scott.
❌Duration of scam: • September 18 – 2020 – September 15 - 2023
Means of communicating with scammers (email address, fax, telephone number etc.): •
1. Kelvin Scott - Military Intelligence Officer working for the operation Unifier in Ukraine–
Tel - 416 619 7656
2. Gerald Seaman - Kelvin’s deputy–
Tel: 289 769 0140
317 953 4523
604 628 6591
3. Frank Oberg (Kelvin’s Financial broker)
+44 7451 220146
+44 7537 168 667
International Consultant Fund Manager – Finch Investment
4. Mr. Christian G Hammond
International Correspondent Director, Tit Trust Bank.
5. Intelligence Diplomatic Courier – Dennis Ross
Tel – 44 7451 232 665
Another “couriers” that have received money transfer for me for the “soldier care packages”
How it began…
• Met Kelvin (aka army officer) on the dating site – OurTimes In August 2020
• Started communicating via email and later via Hangout and Google chats
• Have all the emails and a lot of chats.
At the beginning money was sent via bank transfer
From July 2021 – via bitcoins
I have created a wallet as instructed by the scammers using website.
Scam # 2
When I have realized that I have been scammed, ( scam #1) I have reached out to the Rexboxtech company to help me to recover bitcoins. ( chats on Telegram). I found them in the internet. They have their own website and domain and they seemed legitimate to me as they also have some positive reviews).
• I have not realized that all of it could be fabricated.
They asked me to transfer 5000 cad to my own BNT wallet! Which will be used to deposit bicoins “recovered by them”
• I have created a new BNT wallet in my own name.
• Once they informed me that they successfully recovered money, I could see that money was deposited into my account.
• I have started the process of moving my money to my other bitcoins wallet.
• At that point I was informed apparently by the BNT support team that the coins are in the locked investment and the fee need to be paid. In order to “unlock it” I need to transfer money to my own BNT wallet. I did.
• They have stolen it from that wallet.
Finch Investments Limited
130 Shaftesbury Avenue, 2nd Floor
London, England, W1D 5EU
United Kingdom
Dear Valued Investor,
This is to inform you that our office has received the Draft Clearance
Notification (DCN) from Tit Trust Bank. This bank is our paying bank
in London. The bank contacted us this afternoon saying that the Bank
draft is ready for payment to the Beneficiary investors. They issued
us the Investors Online Offshore Checking Account Set-Up code
(00V7CODE917) which we are to send to (You) the investor with which
you are to communicate with the bank to enable them establish this
account in your name. This code is to identify that you are an
investor with Finch Investments Limited as the bank does not open an
Online Offshore Account for anybody without verifying the customer's
source of fund.
You are to contact the bank with the Set-up code which I have provided
for you in this email above. You are to email them and request for an
instruction on how to open an online investment checking account with
the bank. You are to inform them of your request to set up an online
banking account with them as an Investor. Below is the Bank contact
detail. Please email them using the email in the detail below.
Tit Trust Bank
London Branch
Leaf C 8th Floor, Tower 38,
25 Old Broad Street,
London EC2N 1HQ
Contact Person: Mr.Christian Hammond
(International Correspondence Department)

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