Monday 20 November 2023

Andy (Anderson) Potter is fake. Using Patric Creelman and a LOT of religion to carry the scam



A guy going by the name of Andy (Anderson) Potter is a fake and he's a professional scammer! He was and still is using stolen pictures of Reverend Patric Creelman from Seattle, WA on dating sites all over the world. I also found him on Clubhouse and even LinkedIn.

He claims to be a Christian and knows the bible well, listens to Christian music (heard it in the background several times when we talked) and he even prayed with me. All fake on his part!

We did a couple of video chats and he even sent me videos. I believed these to be real at the time, but after learning the true identity of the person, I realized it was all AI generated. I found still pictures on the real person's Facebook page that the scammer turned into videos. Don't know AI enough to figure out how he was able to do live video chats with me. Whenever I would begin to doubt him, he would say, "But you've seen me!"

Claimed to be a widow (wife Kimberly died in a car accident), has an adult son Clinton and a best friend named Alex (also stolen identity of Jean-Francois Ruchonnet and already identified on ScamHaters United). Father is deceased, but mother Mary living in Norway.

I discovered, by accident, that the name he used on his Whatsapp account was "Merit." He got real defensive when I asked him about it.

This scammer has his story down pat. I tried catching him in lies and never could, but when he started asking for money, for one crisis after another, the amount started out small and grew to asking for $2,000-$5,000 at a time. Gift cards (Itunes) and Bitcoin was involved. He is very sweet and waits until you are fully committed and "in love" before asking for money. At that point you're suckered in and whenever doubt is expressed, like I said before, he would use the line, "But you have seen me!"

I am not proud that it took me so long to discover that he was fake, but I could never find the proof. That is why I want this published so he can be more easily discovered by others who might come in contact with him.

He used several phone numbers (either him or his son, friend or work associate)--all of them part of the scam!

(320) 440-2669 (this is the number he had when I first met him) as he claimed to be from Dellwood, Minnesota.

(507) 800-1975 (number he tried contacting me with after I discovered he was fake and blocked him) Tried calling and texting. Blocked.

39-351-286-2174 (this is the number he used when he claimed he was in Italy. It was associated with his Whatsapp account).

(507) 338-8809 (this is the phone number that was used to talk to the person supposed to be his son Clinton)

Other phone numbers, one associated with his friend Alex and his "personal assistant" Kelvin:
(701) 403-3499
(904) 452-7820

E-mail address:

They are registered online and can be used from any mobile phone in the world. These are s scammer's favourite but have no geographical significance

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