Monday 25 September 2023

Kelvin Patrick a persistent and greedy scammer. Getting victims on Marketplace Using Sean Ambriz and a different man also

( The profile is using two different men, one is the stolen pictures of Sean Ambriz)

"Kelvin (Smit) Patrick
Alleged location: Columbus, Ohio
Alleged DOB: 04/07/1982
Alleged actual age: 41
Status: divorced
Single father of a daughter named Stephanie
Parents: deceased in car accident
Sibling: sister deceased of cancer
Alleged ranking in US Army: 1SG
Alleged occupation: IT security Manager
Alleged deployment location: Syria πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ύ "
THE STORY FROM THE VICTIM.... (We added red flags)
"At the end of May 2023 I’ve been contacted on Facebook Marketplace named Kelvin Patrick. His Facebook profile mentioned that he is located in Columbus Ohio.
After I accept his friend request he told me that 🚩both of his parents were deceased in a car accident and that when he was 🚩 17 his sister died from cancer,
🚩he is divorced with a daughter named Stephanie, 🚩who has been taken care of by a nanny.
🚩He told me that he was in deployment in Syria, and that he was supposed to come back in the states in September.
Later on, he told me that his deployment might be extended until December and that flight 🚩 after that he would be shipped to Australia for about two months to replace someone who was supposed to go on vacation .
Back to the beginning of this “relationship”, within five days of chatting, he asked me to move from 🚩 Facebook messenger to Google chat because it was safer to communicate on that platform rather than Facebook and that he wasn’t allowed to use 🚩 Facebook or Instagram while on deployment (yet he contacted me first on Facebook and sent his friend request on Facebook and chatted with me for five days on Facebook).
Within less than five days, conversing on Google chat, he told me that 🚩he was falling in love with me.
I was surprised, but I didn’t mind.
🚩He expressed to me that we should keep our relationship secret until he makes everything official by coming to Canada to visit me and put a ring on my finger.
🚩He didn’t want me to talk about us to anybody especially not to people from my church because he said that he doesn’t want anybody to meddle in our relationship.
After 10 days, he told me that he was getting bored between his patrols and his work, 🚩and that he would’ve loved to have an Apple gift card.
When I asked him why he wasn’t able to get his card by himself, he said that they were🚩 not allowed to use the Internet while on duty, and that the other reason was that 🚩 he couldn’t access his money because of a situation that happened with his ex-wife, he had to block all his account, 🚩and the nanny has an account set up for the care of his daughter, but then she went over all the money he left for his daughter’s care.
Out of good heart I sent $100 gift card. 🚩Two days later he asked me to manage to send him another gift card and this time to try to make it between 300 and 500$ instead of 100$ because it doesn’t last long enough.
I told him that I couldn’t do that because I don’t have that kind of money.
I’m a single mother of two little boys. I’m the sole parent and the sole provider and I have my little business and I’m trying to make ends meet the best I could.
He was OK with that but the very next week, he told me that his 🚩daughter was sick. 🚩 The nanny had to take him to the hospital and then therefore they he was 🚩 in need of money to get some milk and some medicine for his daughter I happen to have a contract that allow me to put aside $200 and I said OK I will send it by PayPal and weird thing, the nanny didn’t have an email at account where I could link the PayPal transfer to it, 🚩but instead it was a man named Roy Bowen, who attempted to retrieve the money and for a reason that I don’t know PayPal didn’t let the transaction go through so I’ve been able to retrieve the money and he told me to send a gift card to him so he can forward it to the nanny and she will be able to sell it and have the money.
🚩That happened three more times and it reached the total of $700 since last June.
A month after we start talking to each other 🚩 he asked me to get a loan of 15K for him to pay for a leave of absence so he could be able to go home back in the states fix all his banking issues and then come to visit me with his daughter in Canada.
When I said I couldn’t, he asked me to 🚩 ask around me to my friends for at least 10K so he could be able to make a down payment and I said that I couldn’t… and then he got angry and 🚩 he said well I should be able to manage at least 5K and I said I couldn’t because I have to pay my rent, take care of my bills, pay for our prescriptions , and care of my kids, then he told me to get another job so I could be able to send him the money.
About two weeks after we start talking to each other I’ve tried to ask for a video call and all the excuses came out. 🚩 He said he wasn’t allowed to have video call or phone calls because we were not married.
🚩 Then he said that he had to ask permission to his commander, but that has been denied because he was in charge of the all IT security and so on and so forth.
When I asked for his email address, of course 🚩 he brought the excuse that he couldn’t provide it because of sensitive information going through it for his job. 🚩 When I ask for he’s APO address, he said he couldn’t provide it for safety reasons .
I knew that he was lying because through my research is I found websites where former US military personnel were talking about the scamming and the fact that all military personnel were allowed to share the email address and APO address and they were all allowed to have video calls and phone calls to their love ones and their families.
At this point there is a lot of red flags that are starting to rise up more obviously. He has been forcing 🚩 me to be in touch with his commander to make a promise of sending money. Two weeks ago I start looking around the Internet and that’s when I found about military romance scamming.
I took a couple of screenshots and send it to him and of course he denied everything and then I said that I would keep talking to him at the sole condition that the subject of money would never come back in our conversations.
At this point, 🚩 he has been pressuring me systematically every week for me to send money for me to contact his commander and promise to send money.
🚩He has been pressuring me, asking me for money, even when I told him that I have been having a hard time paying for my bills and even for the grocery 🚩And he got mad at me when I told him that I will prioritize keeping a roof over my head and food on the table for my kids rather than sending him gift card for him to play games."
''"I found the strength to say “Enough is enough!” and to refuse to keep being a prey and a victim.
I sincerely hope that my story will help enlighten someone and save them from terrible financial losses and emotional perverse manipulation and pressure."''

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