Sunday 6 August 2023

Dane Walter, Rick Walters Oscar. Walter Rick Dane, Dane Walter, Rick Walters Oscar, and Rick Walters. The stolen pictures of Dr Kerem Bikmaz


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I was scammed by a man using Dr Kerem Bikmaz picture.

This man is passing the photo off as himself.

He scammed me out of 1,400 in cards.

He has a Facebook and Instagram account.
On Facebook, he goes by Dane Walter.
On Instagram, he goes by Rick Walters Oscar. He uses several names- -Walter Rick Dane, Dane Walter, Rick Walters Oscar, and Rick Walters.

Here is a list of emails this man has used on me-, (his fake 12 year daughter), (fake daughter's principal) and (fake coworker).

He had me convinced that I was talking to a 12 year old girl on Google chat.

Anyway I contacted Facebook and Instagram about the fake accounts and apparently they can't do anything about it.

Maybe you can report this man. I'm no longer following him on Instagram but I took pictures of his account before I blocked him on Instagram.

I met the man on Instagram before he moved the chat to Google chat. Hopefully you can post this so he doesn't scam anyone using this fake name or emails.


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