Saturday 12 August 2023

Cody Bret WARNS about him being Imperstonated.. TALKING TO THESE PICTURES... YOU ARE NOT TALKING TO HIM.




It has brought to my attention that there have been around 100 fake accounts pretending to be me while adding my loyal fans and then proceeding to message them. One individual sent $500 3 times a week which totaled over $5,000 over a course of a month.
There's fake accounts on instagram, snapchat, Facebook and tiktok so when a Cody Bret messages you do not message them back. Block and report immediately.
Real accounts ⬇️
Tiktok ~ Codybret.10
Instagram ~ Codybret.10
Snapchat ~ Codybret.10

They even have made a fake driver's license to try to convince my followers that it is really me.
Let me start off by saying, I do not have a back up account or a manager and I don't want you to chat with me through Google chat and I not ask you to register for anything, click on any link, send me your card information or ask for a single penny from you or your family.
Always look at the amount of followers before you proceed with a conversation with these scammers. The only authentic account is this one, and we just surpassed over 426,000 followers.
I am truly sorry for the people that have unfortunately fell for such a scam.
~ Cody Bret

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