Saturday 29 April 2023

Raymond (and other first names) GOODSMAN / GOODMAN is a romance fraud out of South Africa, scamming men and women.

 RAYMOND GOODSMAN (and variations)
MANY NAMES USED AND ACCEPTED AS THE SAME PERSON Raymond Richard Goodsman Smith Ronald Goodsman Raymond Richard Goodman Smith SCAM OUT OF SOUTH AFRICA... Money is asked for everything, flights, he is IN AND OUT OF HOSPITAL..Stuck in Guatamala... . and flies by Private jet but has no money and begs constantly for payments.
His so called sister in law: His brother dies! (Of course) VERY MANIPULATIVE SCAMMERS HERE.. using a man who lives in New York. These scammers make up stories as they go to get more money if they know they have a good payer as victim. MANY SCAMMERS WORK OUT OF SOUTH AFRICAN SO BEWARE OF THEM USING THIS LOCATION IN ANY CONTACT.

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