Wednesday 12 April 2023

Cory Morel is a fake account on Mewe and other Dating Sites. Using the stolen pictures of Ivan Alekhin

From a Visitor

Hello, I would like to introduce you to another cunning scammer who introduced himself to me on the MeWe social network. He currently introduces himself as Cory Morel. +1 661 489 7931

He presents himself as a🚩 top oil and gas engineer. The story is that he is 🚩 currently stuck on an oil platform.

🚩There was damage to some oil equipment, so 🚩he is asking for money to pay for the damage with the promise that he will surely return the money.

🚩Of course, his account was blocked for some reason. Due to a 🚩blocked bank account, he regularly asks for smaller amounts to buy food, he has an answer for everything and some made-up story.
I did a little research, entered the image he uses on google.

A whole series of his fake profiles, fake names were released. Mostly it is on all social networks, now it is on all mobile applications. Whatsapp, telegram, signal.

I don't know if they are his pictures or if he stole them from someone. It would be good if it were known whose pictures he stole so that person can be warned.

I asked him to send me a document as proof that it was him, of course he sent a passport photomontage.

THE PICTURES USED ARE OF IVAN ALEKHIN... someone used for many years in Romance Fraud. +1 661 489 7931

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