Thursday 19 August 2021

For people in the USA scammers will use a site called

 For people in the USA scammers will use a site called which has all of your personal information. This report will contain your address, phone number and email for the past few years. It also has your family names and addresses and phone numbers. It also contains any arrests or warrants anything that is public record all in one place. We recommend you remove yourself from this database. Below are the steps.

TruthFinder scours the Deep Web to uncover information that normal search engines can't find. A background report may include information like: Birth and death records Possible relatives Possible associates, friends, roommates, and even exes A detailed location history report Contact information Criminal, arrest, and traffic records Education and jobs Social media profiles Dating profiles Assets (including owned properties and driven vehicles) And more How to remove yourself from Go to this website and type in your first and last name city and state, fine you1 Then select opt out. Type in your Email address and they will send a notification.

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