Tuesday, 17 August 2021

ERIC JASPER is a fake 'Marine Engineer' using the stolen pictures of Eric Rutherford

 ERIC JASPER <ericjasper001@gmail.com>


Subject: Re: Nice to meet You
Hello ,
Thanks for your response on Tinder. I really appreciate the way you replied me maybe i should show it by telling you a little about myself.
My full name is Eric Jasper . I am from V├Ąstervik
City in Sweden
I am a widower with no child. I studied engineering in Harvard University .I work as the chief engineer working with Cosco shipping company currently on a board now . As head of Marine Engineering on board ship,i work closely with the Captain, occasionally holding equal rank, to ensure that the physical aspect of the vessel is completely under control. A challenging job i must say and I am passionate about my work and my contributions. I also use the opportunity giving my work to engage in some other business.
I am a simple person, of habits and healthy tastes. I do not smoke or drink and do not have any problems with people who drink and smoke.
What annoys me most is dishonesty and tardiness. I'm here, hoping to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, I know this is an unorthodox way to find a partner but. It is the 21st century, anything goes right?
My wife died 3 years ago due to cancer . This situation turned my happy life, to sadness, but ever since then i have been all alone . I started this contract before my wife died and i could not quit until i accomplish the task. Now i need a life partner so that I can quit the job after the present contract which will end in less than 3 weeks . I don't want to continue in lonely life anymore. I want to build a new happy family again and stay closer to the person anywhere in the world .
I hope this is a good enough introductions for now. Thanks again, hope to read from you.
Now is your turn to tell me about yourself, what you do, your likes and dislikes and anything you feel like sharing with a stranger who wants a serious relationship with you.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
I must say here that am really happy reading your message. It means alot to me for you to take your time and write me email .
I feel more relaxed after reading them , Thank you . I might not have gold to offer you but I know I am honest, reliable , resourceful , supportive , caring and loving. Before I came online, I had a lot in my mind . I have a lot of expectations and I thought about the challenges that I will meet if I find a woman whose interests are similar to mine .
If I wanted just a girlfriend, I will not spend my valuable time coming online.Am online to search for a soulmate so I have been very optimistic for a wonderful, serious, dedicated and a lasting life.I came online because I needed more. I need a life partner a woman who will be there for me. A lady who knows what it means to treat her man right. I know it will take me time to truly discover the hidden and the other side of you. But my heart is made up on you. For better for worse I will stand by you. Even we have problems, I will see it as a challenge to be a better man and not a reason to look outside. Problems will not tear us apart instead I will take the blame even though you were wrong.
Sometimes, I prefer peace to justice . I will love you. I promise you so much care, affection and happiness with all the fun you could ever envisage in your time . That's a promise.... Old boys don't cry, we only learn from our past. I will show you how it is done . I got so much interest in you and I will show you actions and not just WORDS. Darling, i want you to give me a reason to LOVE again.I want You to make my days so nice . I can feel your everyday breath in me. You are the other life I never lived .
If it doesn't work with you. Then I must choose to be a GAY maybe that's where my destiny lies....heheheheh... If I blow it ...I'm done... I will not...never will I block the only source of light to my one man room . I promise you this with all my heart. mmmmuaaaaaaahhh!!
I have interests in you because u have given me reason not to look at my past Life boring . Little things matter a lot to me .
My father died in December 1975 , in November 1975 his goods sank in the Red Sea , My father had a heart attack . My mother died of natural causes in 1996 . My past is my past , I look forward to my future and I want you in my present life right now .
I know a woman when I meet one. You are a real woman. Although we are starters but you have so far acted maturely and very responsible and I will be an ungrateful fool not to love and respect you .
Hope you have a wonderful day and waiting to hear from you again .
Am very glad to hear from you. It really gives me joy knowing a little more about you,I believe conversation is really important in getting to know each other.i turned 52 on the 16th of August. I think age , distance, and language don't matter between two people who want to be together. Communication is extremely important. Communication based on trust, honesty, and sincerity is the foundation of every serious relationship.
Right now we are aboard Laccadive Sea Long . A few thousand miles away from India. The total estimated distance, at the speed of 7 knots, is 7539.52 nautical mile. We appear very close to each other on Tinder because the GPS option in my phone has not synchronized because of the sea wave and recently we found out that mobile phones use high frequency wavelength which is detectable by sea pirates which could put the life of the crew members at risk . Therefore, a few hours ago , our mobile phones were collected because of this security reasons.
Since the sudden death of my wife , I felt as if the world had fallen apart. For a long time after her death I kept my life very small - work, home, very little socializing and definitely no dating, I just wasn't ready.
It took me a long time to get through those dark days after her death - I never thought i can ever get over something like that. Instead, i have to go through it and feel the pain so that i can eventually heal the spirit. But after a while, I realized that if I tried to keep my life small and safe so I wouldn't get hurt, I was also cutting myself off from feeling any joy again - because joy and pain are two sides of the same coin.
So, gradually I allowed myself to emerge back into the real world again, and here I am, my first attempt at online dating! I've lurked on here for a while, but am now ready to meet new people.I have not been here for long, i believe in life and let live .
I now wish to resign and settle down. I really want to continue talking to you and i want you to be faithful and forget other men.
I love going to the beach to listen to waves and I love viewing the mountain and I also love watching movies and reading as well apart from business . My favorite Hot Spots is NYC , Chicago , San Francisco , San Diego , Nashville , South Beach , San Antonio , Italian Islands . I like Coffee and conversation , Cooking , Movies/Videos , Shopping/Antiques , Travel/Sightseeing . My favorite Sports and exercise is Bowling , Football , Golf , Soccer , Swimming . I Exercise 3-4 times per week. I am 180cm and I weigh 75 kg . I don't smoke or drink and I don't have a problem with people who drink.
I see you as a mature woman with a unique look and also a kind of fun to be around. I long for a kind-hearted, caring, and loving woman whom i will live with for the rest of my days if things work out smoothly.
If God really want our relationship to stand strong, as soon as I return, I will meet with you. I need a good woman whom i can love for the rest of my life. I need to set up a new family and concentrate on my other career. I am a very decent and humorous man and most importantly, I have respect for women. I am a good listener, I am caring, loving, honest, understanding, faithful, and family-oriented.
My hope is to find a decent, sincere and caring woman and I want you, to be the woman to spend her life with me. I don't really know what you are searching for but in case you are after a relationship that will last forever, maybe we should give each other chance in our life to see if we are compatible. But please be informed that i would not have much time to meet and chat with you online all the time cause am always busy but i will devote the little time i have to know more about you.
So let me know what you think...you can always write me in an email.
So let me know what you think..I am anxiously waiting for your reply. Kiss.


  1. I communicated with someone else a romance scammer his words were almost verbatim to Eric Jasper, the difference being the guy I communicated with told me he was an Orthopedic Surgeon in Sanaa Yemen and different name.

    1. They use something called a 'Format' which is a sort of script. So the main parts are the same, they swap around places and names.. this is why often people thing they have good English, it's all written down for them. Most scams are all from a handful of basic scripts

    2. I think we have the same experience I also recently chatted with a man pretended to an othopaedic surgeon to Yemen and sent by the UN here and he has a twoo year contract currently staying at the camp because they doing a peace keeping mission in Yemen and he said he is Alex Patrick from Houston Texas but currently he is in Yemen right now.

    3. Texas... most Nigerians say Texas as it's the place they all want to live. Yemen, one of the main places they mention in a scam... The UN do NOT send American doctors to war zones. Scammers use scripts.. so very many of them have the same story!