Friday 5 March 2021

One Minute Warnings Of Ones To Watch ~ Elisabeth Berwick

 One Minute Warnings 

Ones To Watch


Elisabeth Berwick

If you have been contacted by these pictures you 
have not been contacted by the person in them but by 
the scammers that have stolen them. 
You will be asked for cash/cards/goods. 


  1. For all we know, a man is behind the computer screen. I read somewhere that it’s NOT just one person, but a group of men behind this operation. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I bet it’s a GANG of Nigerians doing all of this work.

    1. They work in teams and the thing is there are thousands of Nigerian teams working ! Also in Ghana and across West Africa.
      The teams of course communicate with each other ! but.. it is not one to one... it is a team in the scam and then 'backroom scammers' ... photoshop, send the flowers and gifts, do the credit checks, buy the gift cards and bitcoin sent, make the fake websites. MANY are involved in this. This is a massive industry throughout West Africa.. it is not a small operation.
      They manage and operate millions of fake accounts stealing billions across the world

  2. Aku sedang menjalaninya,
    Saya akan membuat mereka merasa putus asa dalam menipu saya

  3. Anda tidak akan pernah mempengaruhi mereka sama sekali.. mereka tidak peduli menipu Anda! Selalu jauhi mereka!