Wednesday 17 March 2021

Captain Donald Brinkmann and said he was stationed in Syria. ALSO SAYS 58 YRS OLD!


He claimed to be Captain Donald brinkmann
and said he was stationed in Syria.
We talked for about a week when the request for money started coming in so he could get out of Syria. I knew it was a ruse and I never sent a dime.
He claimed he lived in Kingwood West Virginia. I called the Kingwood police department and they had nobody living in that town by that name.
He claimed he was originally from Pennsylvania, where I am from, and was approximately 3.5 hours from where I lived.
I finally confronted him and he used a number of expletives and then finally blocked me on the Facebook dating app and also Google Hangouts, where he used the name us space m i l.
He said he was 58 years old widowed and had an 18 year old son. I feel sorry for the real Donald brinkman although I've been unsuccessful in finding any sort of information on him. The Donald brinkman's that I found we're in the 70s 80s and 90s.
The uniform appeared legit in the pictures I was sent but they could have been bought at any army navy store. I just want to help the next person that this guy actually is successful in conning money out of.
I work too hard for me to just give a stranger my money. I usually have my parameter set on Facebook for 5 MI but one day out of the blue I just decided to see what was out there and now I see that there was fraud.
I have pictures and screenshots but after the last few I received and I told him how I refuse to be scammed that was the last I heard of him.
For what it's worth, he called me several times on Google Hangouts, and his accent confirmed to me that he was nothing more than a fraud.
How can I help other people be alerted to this for all that occurs. I don't feel that Facebook takes it seriously and I'm not sure whom to be in touch with thanks for reading my story.

Said that was in Syria.. 
Red Truck! Green grass and trees and plastic chair. 

He is also using Timothy Waylon Brinkman


  1. He is also using Timothy Waylon Brinkman

    1. There are many scammers using him, sadly... thanks for this information.