Sunday 29 December 2019

TEBOS JOHN Stolen pictures used on TWOO Dating


E-mail address is
Nice to meet you on TWOO Site. I will briefly introduce myself to you. My name is TEBOS JOHAN, I'm originally from Basel Switzerland but I’m living and working in London now.
I’m working with GAZPROM oil and Gas Company and Energy in London office but our international headquarters is in Moscow Russia
I believe with my heart that I made the right choice when I chose to communicate with you; I know some girls out there are not looking for a real friendship, some are just there to play game with men but I hope we are birds of the same feather and we can fly together for good friendship.
I don’t want to hide anything from you because a good friendship must start from honest and sincerity without hidden anything from each other. …
I purposely went through that site to find a nice VIETNAM woman for friendship, serious relationship and culture exchange knowledge. Do you have the same traits with me? What is your purpose in that site?
Meanwhile I will write a comprehensive email to you on my next email to tell you everything about me and my family for a better understanding between us.
i will send my pictures to you on my next email because i have to download it from my personal laptop ok. I hope we can keep the communication together for good. i will wait for your reply soon.
Thanks once more and keep in touch.
Thanks for your reply once more,
I am sorry for my late reply because i had a 2 days Christmas holidays but i resumed my work today.
now i will gradually tell you more about me and my family, …
Meanwhile I believe in open relationship without hidden anything from each other and that is why I believe we should use this medium to explain some details about each other for better understanding.
My letter may be long but it’s very important that you know every details of my life and family. I have read your email and its well noted and understood to me. I might be late to reply your emails sometimes but i promise to always keep in touch with you..
I personally want to marry from other culture and get some experience about other culture,. I like to marry from other culture to learn more about life. I purposely registered with that site to find a woman, who is not out there to play games, I’m happy that you are interesting for a real friendship so let keep the communication and see where it takes us from here.
Distance is never a barrier to me as I have a plan to visit you soonest if everything works fine with us. Every relationship is important to build on honest and sincerity; I was born on 10th June 1976 so I’m not getting any younger haha….
I have two siblings, a senior brother and a younger sister; they are all married and live with their families in Ontario Canada. Sad to say that my brother got accident some months ago and he is still recuperating in the hospital from the injuries sustained.
I study Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NA&ME) UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA and graduated as engineer, but my present job is procurement manager with my company because I have a related experience /knowledge about the department as well.
I’m 5.9ft tall and 85 in weight, I like nature so much and attraction centers like natural structures and adventurous. my hobbies are traveling, watching movies, music’s, Gardening, swimming even though I’m not a good swimmer any way ha-ha……
I like all sports especially football because we are famous with football here and I’m really crazy about watching football, my team are FC Base football of Switzerland and Arsenal football club of London here, in addition I like exploring new events during my leisure time.
I like my parents so much because they are pillar of my success in life and I’m happy they gave me a supportive hand when I needed it must and brought me up with respect to my fellow human being and mom teach me lots on how to do house chores, you will be surprise that every Saturday I do my house chores since I’m living alone in my house.
I believe life is all about experiences and achieving collective and personal goal in life, my Dad is 73 years old while mom is 70 and both are still living together without separation and they still love each other, I really admire their understanding and approach to resolve matters and that was the secret of their successful marriage.
I believe we can start from here to know each other more until my planned visit to your country to meet you so that we can spend time together, but what is more important is mutual trust and patience until we meet each other.
I’m sorry if I took much of your times in reading my messages but its important i explain everything about me to you for better understanding to my personality and I hope to receive some explanation from you.
Attached are my pictures for you and I hope to get same from you so that I can save it on my computer to see you every day when I come to the office.
I will stop here but I will not forget to say take care always and keep in touch.

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