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I hope I’ve come to the right place . I want to tell my story but he is neither a military personnel or an engineer. He is a celebrity and I’d like to prevent other fans from becoming one of the victims.

First , I’d like to give you info on myself, I am a 72 year old  widow. My husband died from liver cancer July 2017. At this point in my life I had heard of scammers but only as shown on Dr Phil. I had no idea I’d be a target and how deep this could go.
In February of 2018 trying to go one with my life and now living alone.

I was browsing through my iPad on Instagram and came across a fan page for my favorite musician, Eric Clapton. It was a public page and immediately joined. I did not know about the blue verification check then.

Within a few days later I was on Twitter and there was a message saying Eric Clapton invited me to join his private page. Not knowing any better I accepted.

Soon, I was getting messages asking how long I had been a fan, thanking me , etc. I was totally flattered. It filled my days with excitement. I even asked why he had picked me to talk to? His reply was it was random and he has a few special fans he does this with. Soon he asked if I would chat with him on hangouts since it was more private. I not knowing what hangouts was agreed. I also asked him how would his wife feel about him speaking to me privately. He said he was entitled to his happiness.

He started asking the normal questions, if I worked, was I married, have children, etc. always keeping it very general. We would chat on and off at that time since he always said how busy he was and I could understand that. It was probably around April that things started to change and he said he was in love with me. I told him that was crazy. He didn’t even know me and he was married.

Of course he only said sometimes things aren’t how they appear. He never spoke to me about any personal issues of his family. I asked many, many times for him to prove to me he was really EC.There was always reasons why he couldn’t send a picture or video chat.. Privacy issues, couldn’t take the chance of someone finding out about me. He said he was protecting me.

As time went on of course I started having different feelings towards him. He was so sweet and kind to me.. Then came the pitch...He has this dream of a project but he needs help. It is an Internet music streaming app but for countries who can’t get his music. The catch was it had to be a secret. He couldn’t let any of his managers or handlers know about it or he would have to share royalties with them. That made sense to me.

Could I help financially? I was knocked off my feet.

One of the most successful people in the music industry, why ask me for money? His answer was he does not control his money others do. He can’t go to the store because of the paparazzi. Any money spent has to be accounted for. I was told I’d be sharing in this financially and it would be worth my while. The money to be made was projected to be millions. I would be set in my retirement and we would have a better life.

I saw this as an investment and he started asking for iTunes gift cards, sometimes $1k at a time. Always being told I’ll be getting a return soon. It started to become very difficult to purchase such cards in large quantities.

He suggested he could send money to my bank account if I would deposit it to his bitcoin account. By this point all my savings was gone and my credit cards maxed out.

He would make payments on my cc but within 10 days they bank notified me that the payment had been reversed. During those 10 days he would have me make more purchases.

By the time I knew the original payment was bad I’d owe another $5k . In all I imagine I lost between $60-$75k.

He promised to pay me back some of the funds when he came to NYC in October for his concert. We would share a house on the beach . I would have all my meals included, a driver, vip passes to both of his shows, sightseeing during the day. One catch, I’d have to put out the cost of this until he met with me .... another $5k.. that was the last of my money.

I was told I’d receive a package in the mail with my plane ticket and itinerary for that weekend. That days crept closer and closer and I’d tell him I haven’t gotten the package yet, he was always checking into it.

The day I should have been leaving came and went. He told me one of the managers found out what he had in store and wouldn’t allow him to go through with it. At that point my brain finally came back on and I realized I had been scammed. I took it very badly and actually became very sick and depressed.

There is a little more in between but I’m not going to go that route unless you request it.

I spent so many months trying to get my mind and heart back together. I now realized I was also without any additional funds for emergencies, etc.

He would still contact me once in awhile professing his love for me and how it wasn’t his fault. I did not at this point really text with him in depth at all. I didn’t hear from him for many months then suddenly July of this year he started texting frequently.. always stating he was going to be sending me some money. I figured I might as well keep it friendly if there is money coming.

Well one day there was actually a check delivered.. I couldn’t believe it $12,400 ! Then he contacted me and said to keep $1400 and the rest he’d let me know what to do with. I was so torn, what do I do. I decided to take it to the bank it was drawn on to find out if it was real.

The teller came back a few minutes later and said it was fine. I went to another bank to open a new account, I didn’t want this in my own personal account.

The tellers at the new bank were leery of the deposit but I explained I had it verified. Within the first five days of waiting for it to clear I got notified that it was a false check or considered counterfeit. The bank would be closing my account immediately and I could never bank there again.

I tried to contact him about the check but was unable to. I blocked him on hangouts and figured if he wanted to know he’d have to send me an email. I never received anything so I don’t know if he thinks I kept the money?

This were I will end... if you print anything please DO NOT use my name. I have kept copies of some of the original texts.. I have the envelope the check came in and a copy of the check. There is a name on the envelope of the person who sent the check.

I’m sorry this is so long...if you need more information please contact me here. Like I said I want to prevent others from this scam. I know it’s impossible to get my money back
Thanks for listening


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