Saturday 9 September 2017

JOHN MAINE JEFF.. fake and using Elijah Maine


  • Works at U.S. Navy
  • CEO at Militarymuscle
  • Studied at California State University, Northridge
  • Went to Birmingham Senior High
  • Lives in Los Angeles, California
  • Single

Elijah Maine - Military Muscle



//(*_*)\\ Don't become a Victim ‹(•¿•)›

YOU ARE NOT SPEAKING THE PERSON IN THE PICTURES. These are innocent and victims too. 
ALWAYS GOOGLE IMAGES. Or you can use TINEYE. There are other free apps you can get for mobiles..

Please help, I'm talking g to David Maine Floyd using pictures of Elijah Maine. Wants to send me a package but the package was stopped at customs and he needs to pay the shipping company directly for certificates. I cannot find the shipping company on Google nor does their tel no work. His email address is we also met on Instagram and he closed his Instagram profile


  1. i am talking to a guy at the moment that is using Elijah Maines photos, i even told him that i found the real Elijah, but he still says that it is him. I have said that i have seen a wedding ring in most of the photos and he has an excuse for that to. the worst thing is he is using photos of the kids.

    1. You probably are actually talking to the real Elijah Maine since he is an adulterer that constantly cheated on his wife with numerous women and even a few men.

    2. We don't deal in gossip and Anonymous gossip is cowardly and the worst kind.

      Shame on you... really.. shame on you

    3. I met this person on instagram, also. Actually, I don't know who the hell, I was talking to. I cut him off. He told me too many lies & harrassed me for money. He ruined, my 61st bday. I told me ex abt it. He asked if I gave him money, but I did not. He is disgusting, if its Elijah Maine. But when I met him he went by the first name Charles. I hope his wife finds out what he's been up to!did he tell any of u that he was divorced?

  2. I'm talking to "Steve" who is using these photos but claims he changed his name from Elijah to Steve for personal reasons. I told him Elijah still actively posts online as Elijah so I need more explanation and that seems to have shut him up. For now, anyway.

    1. I really can't believe you are pandering to a scammer, you have to say things to 'shut him up'... it should be you blocking him. You are talking to him as if you are talking to a real person. You are not.. you are talking to an African scammer who is abusing an innocent man.
      Respect Elijah Maine and block this scammer.

    2. Hi I'm from England my met a solider on Instagram I was talking to Dean logan 47 but all photo were of Elijah maine and pictures of daughter and he had a son too also told that his wife pass away to cancer.This man who impersonating Elijah maine has use other names derick-logan 60 and Jeremy 60 trev also he is personating other solider goes brig-general.jason t.evans. I will be block this person because it is safe guarding issue to protect the real Elijah Maine and his daughter


      Also we can get these reported and removed and this will help everyone too.
      Thanks so much for the information.

    4. I’ve just started talking to Clifford Maine, using Elijah Maine’s pictures, says he’s from Iowa
      Serving in military in Nigeria

    5. It is very easy to check that the Army isn't serving in Nigeria
      That is a scammers story to get the money there.
      Elijah is a family man,please help him by blocking the scammer

    6. Please help, I'm talking g to David Maine Floyd using pictures of Elijah Maine. Wants to send me a package but the package was stopped at customs and he needs to pay the shipping company directly for certificates. I cannot find the shipping company on Google nor does their tel no work. His email address is we also met on Instagram and he closed his Instagram profile

    7. you KNOW it is fake.. you KNOW with all the evidence of the real man's identity and the fake delivery company. GET OUT OF THE SCAM AND BLOCK THE SCAMMERS.... or you may find them very hard to get away from.

  3. Replies
    1. Is this on FB?? Can you help with a link please

  4. Yes, my sister in law has been talking to a scammer who is using these same pictures, but he calls himself James Maine and all the pictures she receives are of Elijah Maine.We have tried to show her all of this information and she says it's him even though we have all this proof that she's talking to a scammer. He told her that he is assigned to Nigeria and is in US Navy, he was supposed to be retiring in January 2020 and when we asked her about it, she said he told her his leave was extended, we told her that was a bunch of bull mess, but she doesn't believe us. She has sent several $100's of dollars on Google Play Cards and she continues to do it. We have asked her to facetime him so we can talk to him because she says he facetimes her all the time, but when it comes down to it she won't. I have sent a message on messenger to the real Elijah Maine to let him know, but haven't heard anything on whether or not he has read them.i wish someone would blow this wide open because my sister in law has copied these pictures and actually put them in picture frames claiming they are engaged and getting married as soon as he gets home. This to me is stealing valor and should be dealt with as such. I'm sure the real Mr. Maine has worked hard for his rank in the Navy and someone needs to do something about it. My husband has contacted the JAG office in our area to see if there's something they can do. Please help me and let me know what I can do to make her understand this before she gets hurt or worse in alot of trouble. I was going to try to call the real Elijah Maine or his wife but haven't been able to find any number, so if someone could help me with this please contact me at this email or my otger email Thank you so much.

    1. Elijah gets HUNDREDS of messages every week and rarely can even get into his inbox never mind answer.
      In an ideal world this is stolen valor, in the real world this is African scammers. Elijah nor his wife should have to answer for the thousands of scams going on at any one time involving Elijah. He is a victim too.
      I will email and see if I can talk to your sister in law

    2. I sent you an email. I think I am currently being scammed by the same guy. Same pictures but his name is Maine Hackett. Claims he is deployed to Afghanistan for the last 8 months. Says he is a captain senior officer and even has a fb page. Claims he is the real person and not fake, but today he asked me to buy him a google play card and that got my attention. I would rather discuss more via email.

    3. I am so sorry but I haven't got it and just checked in SPAM
      PLEASE send again to
      I can promise you that you are NOT talking to the real Elijah Maine.. and his name isn't Hackett !

  5. Good afternoon! My name is Elijah Maine, the REAL Elijah J Maine from ROCHESTER NY and serve as a Chief in the United States Navy. I own 4 companies and I am married with 4 dogs and 3 kids. I can assure EVERYONE on this thread, that whoever you or your family is talking to, it is NOT me. I get 100 messages every day on SM so I apologize if i didnt get back to you, but please help report the scammers. I am happily married, my wife has not died, While i have deployed 12 times over the last 18 years, I am NOT DEPLOYABLE anymore and I retire in 18 months. I will never deploy again. So please, stop falling for scammers, ask to facetime(it doesnt matter what country they are in, they are allowed to facetime and skype). Get proof of identity before wasting your time and money. Thank you all for listening.

    1. Elijah.. PLEASE come and talk to us on Instagram... I would Love to do a live chat with you on there as I have done with others. I find them so useful as then people see the real you, how you talk and well.. your personality.
      THANKS for this.. very much.

      It is the worst thing in the world that scammers get away with this and you guys are the biggest victims.

      Please come and talk on Instagram... we are on your side.

  6. Yes Elijah Maine, do Skype, video chat. We want to see some ID & a newspaper with the same date on the chat, so we know it's you. Thank you.

    1. It isn't! whey as a scammer to prove it is him when WE ARE TELLING YOU IF THEY ARE SAYING THEY ARE ELIJAH THEY ARE NIGERIAN SCAMMERS..... Let's see some sense and taking notice and STOPPING SCAMS.... SO EASY TO DO IF INFORMATION AND SENSE IS TAKEN NOTICE OF.... seems you all want the believe the scammers.. VERY SAD FOR EVERYONE... YOU are not and never have been contacted by this man !