Sunday 16 April 2017

ANDRE TIMOTHY.. likes 'Rusted meat, round the campfire !

  • Infantry at U.S. Army
  • Went to Loyola High
  • Lives in California City, California
  • Single
  • From Los Angeles, California

This one really tries... badly.. but really tries to look real and just looks fake...

''9603041468...add me if your beautiful''
the one with a campfire..

''Making fire in camp..feeding on rusted meat
Live of a soldier.' WHAT DOES HE THINK AN ARMY CAMP IS... no, that's a Boy Scout camp.... THE SOLDIER DOESN'T JUST STOP, PUT UP A TENT AND MAKES A FIRE... and I love the 'RUSTED MEAT' !!!!!

Another one that thinks the first name is what a soldier has on his name badge...
31 Women friends..nothing personal and no army friends !!!!!!

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