Saturday, 17 September 2016

Fernando Dupon..Wants be be taken care of HaHaha

Fernando Dupon
''became acquainted with you my beautiful''

''I will seek a woman which I can give him my love, brings him the love that was missing from all the time, a woman who will take care of me, a woman with whom I will be very happy...''

''I am in paris for a personal matter, and you ?
I am looking for a beautiful woman, that is to say, faithful, kind, sincere, passionate, sentimental and more''


A note to the scammer... '' a woman who will take care of me,''... REALLY... ARE YOU A BABY, if not you take care of yourself, that is not the job of a woman. 
Has been 'abestdad' on a dating site..

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  1. He got me good, much to my sorrow and regret and he's the second in a row. I just quit Dating, forever. The pain and trauma are too much.