Friday 30 September 2016

CHARLES O CONOR.. his daughter on vacation in...AFRICA !

Instructor at United States Army 
Senior Advisor at United States Army 
Former Sergeant at United States Army 
Studied at Cleveland State University 
From Cleveland, Ohio

FAKE U.S. Army... although it says Divorced, he will tell you his wife died from cancer.

He claims to be in Iraq until January, he will get you to add him in Kik where his username is Charles c3291.

He has a daughter, Crystal, who is on vacation in Africa (of course she is). Will you send her some money for her birthday???

He also says he has been shot in the leg! and sends pictures of an injured leg and him in a hospital.

Please do not believe him.. he isn't in hospital and his daughter isn't in Africa... he is.. waiting for your money. 


  1. in tindr under Dan O'Connor, didn't get a kik request so don't have that but new name...staff sergeant us army

    1. He is also on under William Conner in the County of
      Met him on tender and said he was a Us Soldier in the Army over in Nigeria. At first he didn't ask for anything and he was over there due to the terrorist . Then came the they don't have food coming in due to the terrorist wasn't letting food come in and they were having to eat animal flesh and hunt animals due to this. So wanted to send $150 to be able to get food and eat. Then a few weeks later he wasn't me to send him a itune card so he can download movies and music. Now he is telling me that he wasn't leave to come over here and be with me. So it was going to cost him $655 and wanted me to send the money. Just FYI my dad is Military and as I told him leave papers are free and if deployed there isn't any leave. AS well as other information about his request and of course he got ;angry and told me I was provoking him. Told him to get over it. And as of today he is still talking to me on KiK. he wont give me any email address, phone number, or postal address. I do have several pictrures.

  2. another one for this guy different name

  3. BEWARE This image is now on Twitter under John O'Connor @johnnyco1989

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    2. I am glad as well !! Another will get nothing and you won't lose !! I'm glad about that.

    3. How do I modify/remove my comment? I want people to know he's still out there trying to scam people but I dont want my name to show. My picture is fine though.

    4. Are you Cylon?? I can delete it but it wont' let me change anything.