Sunday 7 August 2016


STEWART JONES Fake USArmy profile for scamming. 

1. Bare Bones Profiles... nothing to make them personal at all and everyone's got something personal

2. Africans are often unsure about our names so they very often get them wrong, so play if safe like here. 
They can't work out our first and surnames.

3. Contacting women.. it's a sad fact that all the men contacting women are Fake.. that's a big claim but when was the last time you met a genuine one?

4.Multiple photo's used. I can't work out who is supposed to be Stewart Jones... on one the name tag clearly says 'Lewis'

Again, you aren't speaking to anyone whose real name is Stewart Jones..... these are stolen pictures and fake names.. you are talking to an African on a laptop ready to run to Western Union or Moneygram to get YOUR money.


  1. Be very careful I got scammed by this person. They were very convincing. I would ask for a picture and he would send

    1. Yes, they are very convincing. Stolen pictures are easy for them. !! So sorry they ever found you.

    2. I got scammed buy this person as well. He went as far as threatning me to give him money. He was very convincing. He would send me pictures of him, his daughter, brother.

    3. Nobody can threaten you that isn't there with you. See them for what they are.. bullies and pathetic at that.
      You were in charge of that.. block and never speak to them. Don't let them do it.

  2. I think I might be getting scammed by this person. Does anyone have any details that he told you

    1. You probably don't need details of others.
      The US Army are NOT contacting women they do not know.
      They do not need to ask for money.

      Please read all of these.. if he is saying he is a soldier,, he is not going to be real. Test him with his official email address which he can give you anywhere he is... only ends in or Nothing else.