Tuesday 30 August 2016

Marja from NIGERIA !

IT HAS THIS AS IT'S IP ADDRESS.. Originates from Nigeria....

(IP Address  Country Nigeria 
Region City Lagos)

Mrs. Marja Leena Moilanen nadia@bpjs-kesehatan.go.id
To Recipients


Good day to you and hope you are doing great!

I have a bank deal with your name significant for us to execute successfully, My name is Mrs Marja Leena Moilanen working with Butterfield private Bank and am Citizen of Finland.

I am the head of team conducting a standard process investigation on behalf of our Bank . There is an  investigation involving a client and also the circumstances surrounding investments made by this client with our Bank. Our client died intestate and nominated no successor in title over the investments made with our bank running into a substantial sum in Great British Pounds.

The essence of this communication with you is to request you provide Me with your information (Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers) / comment on this issue so that I can use my position in the bank to establish your eligibility to assume status of successor in title to the deceased.

You must appreciate that I am constrained from providing you with more detailed information at this point.

Please respond to this mail as soon as you can to afford Me the opportunity to explain further details to you.
Best Regards,

Oh and why do they think people still use Fax numbers???

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