Monday 15 August 2016


THE FAKE OFFICER'S 'FIANCEE' LEFT A LONG RANT ON Military Romance Scams in defence of her the man......'' Marrying the love of my life. A Senior Officer in US ARMY.''

''You people are idiots. You have my husband's post on here claiming he is fake. Anyone with a brain knows it is defaming one's character and a Federal Offence in the US to post pictures of a US soldiers without there consent. You need to learn the laws because believe me there will be heads spinning when he returns from his mission.   The DOD and FBI know who is doing this..........''

''These are the fake receipts Olivia Lumbres that also goes by Julia Roberts has created regarding my REAL husband in the US Army.

''I guess I am stupid as I can send you over 150 of my husband Peterson Travis Anderson. Please remove his pics claiming he is a scammer or I will get our lawyer involved.'' 

''Olivia Lumbres aka Julia Robert is the one behind posting his picture all over sites everywhere. She lives in the Philipines. '' 
''You have pictures on your site without consent. It is a Federal Offence to post any US Soldiers pictures and state the things you have about him and me. It is defamation of character among other things. You have no idea these sources are valid yet you went ahead and posted this information. I called xxxx on it too as it is A Federal Offence in the United States of America to defame or harass, post any pictures of a Soldier or Officer. You can not go around accusing innocent people of being scammers.  I am not sure what country you live in but you obviously don't know the laws in the USA. I have sent you the woman's picture and shown you with lots of $$$$ in her hands. You don't see my husband or I with pictures like that.You have a choice to take down what you wrote or face prosecution by the DOD and FBI. I am not threatening you I am informing you that I am not going to allow xxx or you to exploit my pictures and my husbands the way you are. If it was you and you were telling the truth you too would stand up for your legal rights and protect yourself. I am a Social Worker and have been for 22 yrs. You could ruin my career by these malicious lies and I am not allowing that.My husband is aware as I called him when I saw these. He is furious as rightfully so. A decent and professional moderator would understand that. If you don't remove the information about both of us the you face being prosecuted by the DOD. You think I am lying the fine but I will inform our lawyer in the morning and it will be dealt with when he returns.I understand you want to warn others about scammers. My best friend was scammed by one for $1000's in Ontario Canada but you can't go around  just posting pictures and info without confirmed information from the police. It is against the laws in the US what you are doing and I will not tolerate you stating I am a scammer and so is my husband and making stupid statements and posting it all over the web.The choice is yours butI will be informing our lawyer and when my husband returns he will be dealing with all of this. I can not disclose his rank or what he does but trust me when I say he will deal with it. He is very high up in the US Military. I am not tolerating this and I asked you to remove the pictures. If they are not removed you will face the consequences and penalties and so will you friend xxxx. What you are doing is illegal by defaming my character and his and accusing a real US soldier of scamming people. I expect you to make the right and legal decision of removing the information you have posted and you can pass this onto xxxx too. No one that is lying is going to go to the length of contacting both of the sites moderators and tell them they will have them prosecuted. And you both know that the real scammers are running not wanting to be found. I am not hiding and I am allowed to post my profile on FB with my information about my family. Nor can the scammers speak proper English. As for be giving info about my husband's job, any military wife knows where they are when deployed but I have never revealed that s site or the other ones. And yes people are idiots to give $$$$ to anyone they have never met especially in today's society. That is their choice to do so. You can't go around posting soldiers pictures without their consent because someone was stupid enough to  meet someone on line and just send them $$$$$$ who they have never met or spoken to on the phone. You have 24 journey as I stated to remove the info. If you post this message or any further lies and info defaming his character or mine I will be informing the FBI and DOD immediately. I am not obligated to send you any pictures of myself or my husband. But what you are doing is a Federal Offence in North America.'' 

''No scammer goes to the length that I have. They would be running in the opposite direction. I am standing up for their legal rights as right now they are out trying to stay alive on a deadly mission. You guys posting their real pictures can actually get them killed where they are. That is the truth. Their unit is specialized and keeps their faces hidden at all times. Both you and xxx have exposed them and I told her that. That could get them all killed. Do neither of you care about that? These men have wives, children. Our two daughters cry every night for him to come home. Do you have any idea what it would be like if he was killed because his pictures have been posted all over FB. He is a sniper and so is his team. Please do not do that to them.'' 
So.. this is what she says. I am not giving an opinion..... I have one... but I am not giving it. If this was my real husband I would be desperate to do something. Not being so aggressive, I don't like being bullied and sworn at. Which is what happened here. 

I say again. I have never said she is a scammer. I believe she is real. I don't think the real man behind the pictures is a scammer. I am told by his 'wife' that he is a 'scamhunter'.  

I haven't posted it all... it wasn't as pleasant as these bits.

Now... no Senior Officer in the Army is going to go on deployment and tell his fiancee all about security matters. No-one in the Army can meet a stranger online and decide to marry her.. it all has to be security cleared.

This scammer, her future husband, has told her that he is a scammer investigator. He isn't... he isn't an American Officer... he isn't an Officer, he isn't an American.. he's an African on a laptop and when you have got to this stage.... his victim is paying out an awful lot of money

With a little Investigation... she wouldn't be a victim. Never just blindly believe... always check... Google is free.